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Issued: 09 July 2014

The abomination known as the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has once again embarked on a campaign of brutalisation and murder of the innocent Palestinian population of Gaza. In the past 24 hours the IDF has murdered 27 Palestinians and injured scores more.

The pretext put forth by the IDF is to stem the acts of resistance in the form of rockets from the besieged coastal sliver. A similar pretext was used to launch Operation Cast Lead in which 1400 Palestinians were massacred. Yet the primary reason for these gladiatorial orgies of bloodletting of innocents is the Israeli regime’s insatiable thirst for brutality.  The Apartheid regime fails to acknowledge the true origins of the resistance, i.e. the occupation of All of Palestine.

Gaza has been the testing ground for Israeli weapons systems, the Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME) during Cast Lead and Iron Dome rocket interceptor systems in Operation Pillar of Cloud.  This bears testimony to the hooliganism of the Apartheid Zionist regime in their conduct toward Palestinians viewing their lives as nothing more than test subjects.

Cowardly acts of administrative detentions, house raids, brutality and murder unleashed on the Palestinians of the West Bank whilst simultaneously bombarding the Gaza is the hallmark of Zionist aggression. Implementing the policy of collective punishment as revenge for the death of three settler teens from the illegal settlement of Gush Etzion in the West Bank evidences Israelis disproportionate use of force prohibited by International Law. Furthermore, despite the Zionist’s attempt to create grounds for self-defence, the Apartheid regime conveniently ignores the inalienable right of occupied peoples to resist the occupying entity.

We lend our unequivocal support to the Palestinian people as they face the military nuclear power of Israel with no official military of their own. We honour the martyrs and their resistance, remain in awe of their resilience and convey our condolences to the families of the martyrs. As South Africans, having experienced Apartheid, we express our revulsion and repugnance at the occupation, bombardment and bloodletting of the Israeli regime. At the height of Apartheid in South Africa, such brutality was not experienced.  We have never witnessed the bombardment of Soweto as Israel is currently doing with Gaza. We shall never forget Israel’s close ties with the Apartheid Regime that enabled the oppression and subjugation of the ‘black’ people of this land.

As South Africans, we call for the immediate expulsion of the Zionist Apartheid envoy, Arthur Lenk.  We call on our democratic government, having experienced the darkness of Apartheid, to sever all ties with Zionist Apartheid entity, in the light of their continuous and systematic murder of the innocent.

To those that support the Zionist Apartheid entity, be warned that our effort will be intensified and isolation will be a reality through BDS should this entity continue on its barbaric Apartheid path. To quote Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu:

‘We learned in South Africa that the only way to end Apartheid peacefully was to force the powerful to the table through economic pressure’ (10 June 2014)

To the South Africans serving in the IDF, let it be known that Justice will be served via the law as was done when your colleagues butchered those on the Mavi Marmara.

We call on the South African authorities to withdraw opposition to the Gaza Docket and investigate and prosecute the South African citizens conscripted to a foreign military force, in this case the Zionist Defence force.

Let this be a warning that we will never remain silent in the face of naked Zionist Apartheid aggression.



1) Zaakir Ahmed Mayet, Chairman: Media Review Network

Cell No: 084 786 4003

2) Aayesha J Soni, Vice-chairperson: Media Review Network

Cell No: 073 570 9944

3) Nabeweya Malick, Media Spokesperson: Muslim Judicial Council

Cell No: 083 408 1157

4) Sh. Isgaaq Talieb, Al Quds Foundation

Cell No: 082 581 2012

5) Naazim Adam, Palestine Solidarity Alliance

Cell No: 082 336 6711

6) Feroze Boda, CAGE  South Africa

Cell No: 082 903 0427

7) Yusuf Talia, President: Muslim Students Association (MSA) Union

Cell No: 071 677 2391

8) Muhammed Desai, Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)

Cell No: 084 211 9988

9) Yusuf Ismail, Muslim Lawyers Association (MLA)

Cell No: 083 708 3413