6 August 2014

The National Coalition for Palestine (NC4P) consists of more than 30 wide-ranging South African civil society and religious organizations, trade unions, and political parties. Some endorsing organisations include COSATU, ANC Youth League, Muslim Judicial Council, Kairos South Africa and BDS South Africa. NC4P stands in solidarity and in support of justice, equality and freedom for the Palestinian people. We oppose, in the strongest terms, the military invasion of the Gaza Strip and the ongoing Apartheid practices of the Israeli state.

Led by NC4P, over 100 000 people are marching this Saturday (9 August) demanding decisive action from the South African government against the Israe li attacks, killings, displacement and destruction of the Gaza Strip. Protesters will also demand:

· An immediate end to the genocidal attacks on Gaza;

· An international inquiry into the conduct of the Israeli forces in targeting and destroying humanitarian infrastructure such as utilities, homes, hospitals and schools leaving over 250 000 people without shelter, medical care and education.

The march – the largest in post-apartheid South African history – takes place on Women’s Day in South Africa, and will celebrate the mothers and sisters of Palestine who stand steadfast against Israeli apartheid.

NC4P calls on all South Africans to be part of history, and join the call for action against the Israeli apartheid regime. The world demanded justice for South Africans, and it is now time for South Africans to demand justice for the Palestinian people!

Full details of the march are as follows:

Date: Saturday, 9 August

Time: 11am

Route: From Keizersgracht to Parliament, Cape Town


Issued by National Coalition for Palestine

For media interviews and statements, please contact:

Muhammed Desai

NC4P Spokesperson

Ph: 084 211 9988

e-mail: mdesai@bdssouthafrica.com


Kwara Kekana

NC4P Spokesperson

Ph: 072 449 1774

e-mail: kkekana@bdssouthafrica.com

Martin Jansen

NC4P Spokesperson

Ph: 082 870 2025

e-mail: martin@wwmp.org.za

Rev Edwin Arrison

NC4P Spokesperson

Ph: 084 735 1835

e-mail: earrison78@telkomsa.net


Ms. Nabeweya Malick

NC4P Spokesperson

Ph: 083 408 1157

e-mail: pro@mjc.org.za

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