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PRESS RELEASE: Launch of Protect the Rohingya E-book

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Protect the Rohingya

Protect the Rohingya is excited to announce the launch of our e-book!

No words can suffice to describe the plight of the Rohingya who are trying to survive an unprecedentedly violent ethnic purge, with support and complicity of the Burmese government and silence of the very western governments that never cease to preach democracy and human rights.” -Ramzy Baroud

And yet this brave book sets out to do exactly that; describe the indescribable battle for survival of the Rohingya against the heinous human rights violations of the Burmese government.

This collection of articles, photographs, personal narratives, poetry and art, is a hand held out to the dying and the drowning, a voice crying in the wilderness, an appeal against the genocide against oppression and state terror. But most of all it is a tribute to the Rohingya from the activists of Protect the Rohingya a love letter to remind us never to forget.

This introduction into the Rohingya story aims to offer the reader a holistic view of who the Rohingya are and how it is in recent months that 8000 of them came to be drifting, unwanted by any country, on the Andaman Sea.

Often human rights violations far away from the usual conflict ‘hot spots’ go unnoticed. This book gives the reader the opportunity to easily understand the root causes of the Rohingya crisis as well as some way in which they can get personally involved.

Protect The Rohingya, the book will be available on amazon at:

The book will sell at $5,69 which converts into +/- R70 and all proceeds from the book will be donated to projects which provide aid to the Rohingya refugees both inside and outside of Burma.

Please do share the amazon link widely and we thank you for your continued support.

Yours in activism

Advocate SE Mayet 

Twitter: @ProtectRohingya 



Protect the Rohingya is a South African Based Awareness & Advocacy Group