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Sisi: The Enemy of Democracy

Al sisi op

Toby Cadman, an international criminal law specialist and a barrister member at Nine Bedford Row International Chambers in London and a member of the International Criminal Bureau in The Hague, summed up Abdel Fattah Al Sisi as follows:

“Egypt under the leadership of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has become synonymous with the strong-arm tactics of a military dictator, and one who fears the state’s citizens. Sisi himself would no doubt baulk at the suggestion of fear, but in reality this can be the only reason”.

The military coup was not only orchestrated by the CIA, but regional countries including the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Israel supported this initiative.

During Muhammed Mursi’s short tenure as the 1st and only democratically elected President of Egypt, he was faced with a propaganda machinery, that was arguably the most effective publicity campaign in recent political history. Mubarak-regime loyalists, media owners, key members of the secular opposition teamed up to demonise President Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood. The extent of the propaganda openly called for the overthrow of the elected President, his imprisonment and the incarceration of thousands of his supporters. The propaganda war against President Mursi, went as far as referring to the Muslim Brotherhood as being un-Egyptian.

Employing legalistic deception, treachery and conspiracies, Sisi used remnants of the Mubarak regime to abort the Egyptian People’s Revolution. The elections, which saw Mursi come to power, were perfectly transparent. These elections were observed by the entire world and supervised by the Egyptian Judiciary.When it became clear that the Muslim Brotherhood had won the elections, the “Mubarak Party” were infuriated and began crying foul. From that moment, the propaganda machinery was set in motion to ensure the certain failure of the new regime.

Khalid Amayreh, a Middle East political analyst very appropriately described the plot when he said:

“The discourse employed by the leftists and pseudo liberals in the aftermath of the parliamentary elections was so mendacious, so malicious, so repulsive and above all markedly preposterous that it portrayed the Islamists as “hijackers or stealers of the people’s will.” The utter depravity of these so-called “democratic forces” reached such a point that a casual listener to these hypocrites’ lies and vindictive falsification of the facts would think that the real problem lies with the Ikhwan, not with Zionist Mubarak regime”.

The overthrow of democracy in Egypt, whilst still in its infancy led to constitutional violations as well as desecrations of international law. Political analysts predicted at the time, a return to a repressive dictatorship and an end to the short-lived democracy.
The military coup carried out by Sisi is a “crime of treason” in the Egyptian constitution and the punishment is execution. Prohibiting freedom of expression and targeting the Muslim Brotherhood is a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is also a violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Egypt is a signatory to both these documents.
Deliberately killing peaceful protestors and targeting worshippers with live ammunition is considered a “crime against humanity” in accordance with article 7 of the Statute of the International Criminal Court. The act is not only punishable but goes against the morals of civilized nations and the human conscience.
Since the military coup, which saw Al Sisi come to power in July 2013, Egypt has been drifting towards violence and bloody chaos. The army is unable to control the situation, with state-sponsored terrorists sneaking in and out of civil society, murdering and raping innocent civilians. Many cases have been documented of women being raped and falling pregnant. These incidents have occurred in detention centers, police stations and armoured police vehicles. In some cases women have been raped numerous times in a single day. Some even falling pregnant thereafter. It is well known that rape is used as a military weapon; Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan and Burma. When security forces within a country use this
heinous method of harassment and physical abuse against its own civilian population with impunity and no accountability, suggests planning and collusion with authorities in the police force and the army. Sisi’s tyranny is designed essentially as a concession to his western allies and to seek their endorsements in return for their continued support.

Sisi was the intelligence officer who was close to his Israeli counterparts during the Mubarak era. Add to that the favorable press he receives in Israel raises uncomfortable questions.

This coup leader, illegitimate ruler, and arbitrary chief executive and commander of the Egyptian Armed Forces, has been complicit with the Israelis in killing innocent people in the Sinai Peninsula. It is whispered in Egyptian circles that his maternal uncle, joined the underground Jewish Defence League.

The Mubarak “ghost” has been safely reinstalled in Cairo. A security state has replaced democracy. Africa and the world must accept that military occupation and state-sponsored terror will beget violence and breed more terror. This will always be the case in Egypt, as anywhere else, as long as the status remains unchanged. Being past masters at fraudulent electioneering, there is little hope for the people of Egypt witnessing a return to democracy any time soon. The US and her Allies in the region would rather have Sisi in power than a democratically elected Muhammed Mursi. Mursi is regarded as too dangerous for the safety and security of the likes of the Saudis, Bahrainees, Kuwaitees and Israelis.

Sisi and his western masters may have their plans for Egypt. They may tell the world that things are getting better when they are getting worse and democracy is flourishing when it is soaked in blood. What is certain is that the future of Egypt is not entirely in their hands. All over their beloved country, there is a mass of young men and women who are preparing to rise up again and reclaim their land.

Written by:

Ibrahim Vawda

Senior Researcher, Media Review Network