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Press Release: Regime Change in Qatar may be on the Cards

The Media Review Network is concerned that claims by the Saudi Arabian Government that Qatar is a sponsor of terrorism and that it is also cosying up to Iran.  This seems to have been the  initial salvo aimed at the Qatari regime so as to isolate the country from the Arab League. The Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani,  was issued with an ultimatum: Iran or Us. He was also reminded of the fate of Muhammed Morsi of Egypt, who was overthrown in a US/Israel/Saudi sponsored military coup and who is languishing in an Egyptian jail.


Donald Trump  had barely left Riyadh when the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates launched a well-coordinated diplomatic and media assault on their neighbour, attributing false statements to its ruler, banning its news outlets, and accusing Qatar’s government of supporting “terrorism”.


However nobody seems to know who are the terrorists.


The open-ended and capacious view of “terrorism”, shared by the US and her allies, including the  Saudis, Emiratis, Egypt and Bahrain , effectively includes any group or party opposed to authoritarianism or occupation, irrespective of whether they engage in actual violence.


It appears the plan to topple a fellow member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has been in the pipeline for some time. The Question is “WHY”.

The counter- revolutionary forces  against the Arab Spring have not been very successful. Egypt, under  coup leader Al Sisi, has not been  stable after billions of dollars spent on the illegitimate government, Libya has three governments fighting for power to rule and the Houthi’s are still in control of the capital  Sana’a in Yemen.


Deputy Crown Prince, Muhammed bin Salman (Saudi Arabia) and Crown Prince Muhammed bin Zayed (Abu Dhabi) have their own private battles to deal with, within the royal circles in their respective countries. They hope to enhance their political positions by demonising the Qatari regime and coupling their band wagon to the Donald Trump train. Toppling the Qatar regime would suit their agenda. They also hope that these strong-arm tactics would send a message, internally as well as externally, that dissension will not be tolerated.


All the Arab countries are firmly stuck in the colonial era. The rulers pay for their protection. The natural resources of these countries are drained to the tune of billions of dollars to purchase US/Israel manufactured military hardware. This money serves to sustain the military industrial complex in the western economies, while the locals remain unemployed, uneducated and poor.


For Israel to remain the dominant force in the region, regime change in Syria, must be realised. To this end, Iran cannot be allowed to establish itself as powerful neighbour in the region. The support of the US, Western Europe and Israel is critical to the very existence of these Arab puppet regimes.  The efforts to destabilise Iran has now begun in earnest.



Ibrahim Vawda


Media Review Network