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Saudi Imperialism in Pursuit of US/Israel Hegemony

Almost daily, a torrent of news reports emanating from the main source of political violence and instability in the heartland of Islam, signals more shocks and equally devastating aftershocks.

You may have guessed that I’m referring to Saudi Arabia. It is after all the land on which two of Islam’s most sacred and revered institutions are located. Mecca and Medina are associated with the epic history of a faith whose followers make up a fifth of the world’s population.

Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings upon him), commenced a profound journey fourteen centuries ago, on this land known as the Hijaz. His mission to infuse humane values and restore as well as protect human dignity was and continues to be embraced by multitudes of people across all corners of the world.

Described most fittingly in the Quran as “a mercy unto all creation”, Muhammed (pbuh) did not waver, nor falter in accomplishing what Allah Allmighty tasked him with. His prophethood from the age of 40 spanned 23years. A period in the history of humanity during which a profound revolution occurred, altering not only the destiny of the Arabs but of mankind as a whole.

This month known as Rabi al Awwal, marks the birth of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). As Muslims across the world commemorate the destiny-filled event, many would be cognizant of traumatic socio-political upheavals besetting the Muslim world. And the tragedy is that none of these problems emanate from his teachings. They result entirely from deliberate actions on the part of self-proclaimed “leaders” who are no more than a bunch of imposters.

Political ructions and social instabilities from North Africa to the Middle East have arisen from the fact that the current leadership entrenched in the Arabian Peninsula, has turned the land of Islam into a family fiefdom styled as Saudi Arabia.

It developed a largesse of dependencies via a network of beneficiaries in key parts of the world with the sole goal to project a hollow image of “defenders of Islam”. Yet it has become evident that once that veneer is peeled off, stark images of hypocrisy stare you in the face.

The thread spun by colonial powers, especially Britain in the case of the Saudi monarchy, has been weaved into every fabric of the kingdom’s ostentatious attire. Traced back to the early twentieth century, the thread is as evident today as it was then.

Colonised garb by Ibn Saud was the pretext for invoking religious arguments to mobilise various tribes in the service of the allies to confront and dislodge Ottoman rule in the Hijaz. The current conduct of the king-in-waiting, Mohamed bin Salman, bears a great deal of similarities with his grandfather’s bloody history.

He’s turned a blind eye to the dire situation of Muslims facing persecution, poverty, occupation and a host of other horrendous conditions in many parts of the world.  Instead he is leading a calamitous war on neighbour Yemen; fueled an insurrection in Syria; attempting via sanctions, isolation and blockade to bring Qatar to its knees; is on the brink of launching another war on Lebanon and unashamedly sided with Israel in Zionism’s ongoing persecution of Palestinians.

Far removed from the notion of “defender of Islam”, a deeply fractured House of Saud is in the clutches of an ambitious and reckless young tyrant. The power marshaled by Mohamed bin Salman, courtesy of the American/Israeli axis, is being wielded to silence his domestic critics and opponents via arbitrary detentions.

Regionally his operation is much wider. Via the Arab League, which incidentally has failed throughout its history to advance the Palestinian cause and which is no more than an alliance of tribes, Saudi authority has been a dominant factor.

In recent days, the tribal chieftains adopted outrageous measures against Iran, Lebanon and Palestine, which comes straight out of Israel’s security policies: banning and designating Hamas, Hezbollah and a grouping of scholars led by Sheikh Yusuf al Qardawi as “terrorists”.

Saudi Arabia under Mohamed bin Salman has not bothered to conceal a huge paradigm shift, which has placed him at the helm of executing destructive and irrational policies. Parading as the Quartet+1 (Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia + Israel), expect a long reign of tyranny, death and destruction.

Paradoxically, while the month of Rabi al Awwal provides the world an opportunity to learn about the message of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and connect with his teachings, Mohamed bin Salman’s war-mongering actively undermines it.

Iqbal Jassat
Exec Member: Media Review Network

Iqbal Jassat