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Let’s match sport minister’s brave support of Palestine

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The oped written by Honourable Minister of Sport and Recreation Thokozile Xasa in support of the oppressed Palestinians is gratifying (The Star, Our duty is to help Palestinians fight Israeli oppression, March 27).

One of the most effective weapons against Apartheid was the sports boycott that demoralised the racist sports-crazy South Africans. Cultural, sports and diplomatic isolation was most painful to the ruling class and hastened their downfall.

Hence it was disgraceful that Tokyo Sexwale colluded with Israelis and some Palestinian Bantustan leaders to block Israel’s expulsion from FIFA.

South Africans’ illustrious anti-apartheid leaders not only echoed former President Mandela’s sentiments but called the oppression of Palestinians worse than apartheid, a crime against humanity. An Israeli historian, Ilan Pappe, calls it “incremental genocide”.

The courageous statement of our minister Xasa will undoubtedly inspire the oppressed in their long struggle for justice.

It is fervently hoped that other ministers and political leaders take the moral high ground to totally isolate Israel, the last outpost of apartheid in the world


Dr Firoz Osman

Executive member of Media Review Network

An advocacy group based in Gauteng

He is the co-author of Why Israel? Anatomy of Zionist Apartheid A SA perspective.

Cell   : 082 337 6979