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The Media Review Network must congratulate the South African Government for withdrawing our Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Sisa Ngobeni, until further notice. The message to the Zionist, colonial, settler entity is simple: enough is enough.

We read the statement by the South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) and the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) with interest. Both these organisations should categorically and unambiguously clarify where the borders of this Zionist entity are.

We also remind these two organisations that the Great Return March (GRM) has been organised by the occupied peoples of Palestine. This occupation has been ongoing for seventy years with no end in sight. They simply want to return home. Hamas has no role in this desire by the Palestinians to return home, except to support it.

These demonstration and protest at the so called “border” was always declared as being peaceful.  There was no intention of attacking Zionist settlers, referred to as civilians by SAZF and SAJBD. The violence at the barbed wire “border” was instigated and provoked by the Zionist Occupying Forces, using live ammunition.

The Zionist ideology has no place for a “peaceful resolution” to its occupation of historic Palestine. To speak of “South Africa walking away from playing any meaningful role in finding a resolution” is a myth.

There is nothing more “extreme” in the Middle East than the inhumane treatment of the Palestinians by the occupying Zionist military forces and the violation of the human rights of the occupied people. These crimes against humanity are being aided and supported by the US and her allies, notably Saudi Arabia represented by Muhammed bin Salman, in the region.

To Quote Gideon Levy: “After all, the occupiers are so sensitive – and their feelings, and only theirs, must be taken into account. A nation that hasn’t stopped occupying, destroying and killing, and has never considered apologizing for anything”.

The SAZF and the SAJBD use anti-Semitism as a public relations gimmick and a boon for Zionist propaganda, to divert attention from the cruelty and ruthlessness meted out to the Palestinians.

The MRN calls on the South African government to go a step further and to ask the Zionist Ambassador to leave South Africa.

Issued by:

Ibrahim Vawda.

Media Review Network.