The Media Review Network deplores the ruthless attack by the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah on peaceful protestors in a march in support of their subjugated compatriots in Gaza.

The MRN has  always condemned the colonisation and occupation of Palestine by the Apartheid entity called Israel.

It is, however, the despicable stooges in the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas, whose legitimacy has long expired, that have now become the primary instrument to viciously oppress its own people.

It is shameful that many Arab regimes, led by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Jordan, are complicit with Israel in the colonisation and theft of Palestinian lands, and in the unending genocide of the Palestinian people.

There is no doubt that the Palestinians in Gaza have broken the fear barrier paid for in blood as demonstrated by the non-violent protests in recent weeks.

It is this incredible bravery, steadfastness and determination by Palestinian men, women and youth that instils fear into these illegitimate monarchs and tyrannical rulers, lest their own populations rise up in resistance.

The Media Review Network admonishes all colonising and oppressive regimes, Arab, imperial and Zionist, to examine the history of all resistance movements fighting in a just cause.

Resistance movements were all victorious! The collapse of the Palestinian Authority, Israel and illegitimate Arab regimes is inevitable

Issued by:
Ibrahim Vawda
Media Review Network
072 295 0088