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The truth behind the Zionist/colonial project called Israel, in the heart of the Muslim world in the Middle East was to establish a white, colonialist, supremacist, apartheid state for the Jews. This state will have no room for any Arab or Palestinian or for that matter any other race of colour.

Since 1948 Palestine has been viciously and pitilessly occupied and the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the indigenous people has continued undiminished. No power in the world has been able to stop it.

The Zionists had no intention whatsoever to establish two states. To this end, the history of the region has been distorted and manipulated which has led to unmitigated and untold misery for the Palestinians. This biased and willful misrepresentation of history has enabled successive Zionist regimes to promote oppression and to protect the colonisation and occupation of a foreign land. This policy of falsehood and propaganda continues to this day leaving very little hope for the future.

Avi Schlaim, the Jewish historian, quoting David Ben-Gurion says: “Ben Gurion has always seen the Jewish state as part of the West, not as part of the region: A Middle East without Western Colonialism would be too dangerous for Israel; Israel should and could be turned into an American strategic asset in the region”.

Zionist supporters should stop pretending that the creation of two states, one Palestinian and one Jewish, will solve the problem. That idea was still-born. The establishment of the illegal settlements in the occupied territories put paid to that idea. If the Zionist regimes were serious about the two states, why do they continue to build these settlements? 700 000 illegal settlers have been brought in to occupy the settlements built on stolen Palestinian land. These settlements were built precisely to destroy the idea of a two-state solution. The Zionist lobby in South Africa is well aware of this and yet they continue with their propaganda and lies.

The one-state has been in existence for seven decades. Within this one state there are “3-states”.  One in which democracy prevails but only for Jews who enjoy all the rights and privileges of a free society, a second state for the Arab/Israelis with a minuscule of rights, systemic and systematic discrimination and a third state for the Palestinians who live under military rule totally devoid of human rights and justice. This third state looks like apartheid, talks like apartheid and is apartheid. There is no other description for it.

The sooner this “3-in-one” state is dismantled the sooner will peace arrive in the region. A question the Zionist lobby needs to answer is: ”Why should the Palestinians not enjoy equal rights and justice in their motherland” ? All of human kind understands what a “just” state is; but a “Jewish” state?

In addition, the Zionist claim to historic Palestine is based on a number of myths and fables. Unfortunately the pro-Zionist groups as well as the media have accepted these fairy tales as a given truth and a justification for the atrocities perpetrated over seven decades. Some of the myths included in their Hasbara toolbox speaks of Palestine being a “land without a people for a people without a land”. Palestine is depicted as being parched, desert-like and empty and was developed and cultivated by the arriving Zionists. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Equating Zionism with Judaism is another myth traded by the Zionist lobby. Judaism is divine revelation while Zionism is man-made and is subjected to mans’ egocentricism. To mention the two terms in one statement is blasphemous indeed. Historically there has always been a connection between Jews and Palestine which was purely religious and spiritual, not political.

Democracy is like pregnancy. You are either pregnant or not. You cannot be half pregnant.

The Zionists have only one option: to establish a just state in which all its citizens, Jews, Christians, Muslims and everyone else enjoy equal rights and justice. A country all could be proud of.


Ibrahim Vawda

Media Review Network