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Press Statement:  Belligerent  Israel continues to act with impunity

The Media Review Network is appalled and dismayed at the interception of  the “Awda”, a boat carrying medical aid for the besieged Gaza Strip, by the occupation army of Zionist Israel.

The Gaza Strip has been under land, air and naval blockade by the Israelis, for nearly 12 years.
The boat was seized and redirected by the illegal navy of the Zionist occupiers, to the port of Ashdod.

There were 23 people on board the Awda. They used the opportunity as a symbolic means of drawing international attention to the plight of the 1.8million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.
The journey by the Awda was the latest in a series of bids aimed at breaking the siege of Gaza. In 2010 an attempt turned deadly when Israeli soldiers stormed the Turkish Mavi Marmara flotilla, killing 10 Turkish nationals.

In recent weeks thousands of Palestinians have been protesting along the fence with the Zionist State to demonstrate their frustration and to bring to the attention of the world of their ominous predicament. More than 150 defenceless Palestinians have been killed.

The Media Review Network calls on the international community to compel Israel to instantly release the Awda, its passengers and all the humanitarian aid that is on board. More importantly the deadly siege of the Gaza Strip must be immediately lifted. If not, one can only conclude that the international community will be complicit in any humanitarian catastrophe that ensues from these human rights violations carried out by Israel in the name of “terrorism” and “homeland security”.

Issued By:
Ibrahim Vawda
011 837 3220
Media Review Network.