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The illegal regime in the Settler Zionist imperialist entity established on stolen land in historic Palestine has, not surprisingly, decided to demolish another Bedouin village. This time, the village of Khan al-Ahmar is at the receiving end of Zionist viciousness and ruthlessness.

The Zionist High Court of Justice (or Injustice), rejected a petition to prevent the demolition and devastation, despite strong international pressure to reverse its plans.

The Zionist authorities maintain that this Bedouin village was built illegally. Avigdor Lieberman, an ultra- right winger, called the High Court decision a “brave” verdict. Rabbis for Human Rights, on the other hand, slammed the ruling as “making kosher a grave moral and racist crime” and must be condemned.

The Villagers argue that construction permits are almost never issued to Palestinians for building in parts of the West Bank, such as Khan Al-Ahmar. The Zionist military has full control over civilian affairs in the West Bank.

THE single most important piece of earth to all Palestinians is the village in which they were born and bred. These villages existed for millennia but were depopulated and destroyed by Zionist terror groups in 1948 with the help of British weapons and strategic information.
Every one of more than 500 villages were blown to smithereens with the very intent of erasing it from existence.

This catastrophic ethnic cleansing and genocide in Palestine since 1947-48 ,continuous unabated.  One cannot dispel the pain if the wound never truly heals.

The Media Review Network calls on our Government to pressure the Zionist regime in Palestine to end this orgy of ethnic cleansing and genocide.  Lest we end up on the wrong side of History where we will be found guilty of complicity in the human catastrophe being played out in that region for over seven decades.

Issued by:
Ibrahim Vawda
Media Review Network.