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Zionism aims to destroy a society

There is a taboo about telling the truth about the occupation of historic Palestine and the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinians. However the truth is slowly but surely emerging. Staring at them from their TV, laptop or phone is proof of the barbarism of the Zionist state and the great destructive force of its mentor and provider, the US, the cowardice of European governments and the complicity of others in this classic crime. The denial of justice to Palestinians is a symptom of much of the Western world and Zionism.

When Nelson Mandela called the struggle of Palestine “the greatest moral issue of our time”, he spoke on behalf of true civilisation, not that which empires create.  Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Vietnam, Cambodia and Korea have known their own dark silence when immunity for mass murder was sponsored by the same godfathers in Washington, Tel Aviv and NATO that answered the cries of the victims with more ammunition to kill them.

For Zionism, the goal was and remains to dispossess and ultimately destroy an entire human society. A truth that many have compared to the genesis of genocide. On the website of the Times of Israel once stood the words “Genocide is Permissible”.

A deputy speaker of the Israeli parliament, Moshe Feiglin, demanded a policy of mass expulsion into concentration camps. An MP, Ayelet Shaked, once called for the extermination of Palestinian mothers to prevent them giving birth to what she called “little snakes”.

To state that being anti-racist and anti-Zionist is being anti-white or anti-Jewish is nonsense and not worth commenting on. There is a huge revulsion across the world and the voices of justice – loving people is being heard as basic human decency.

Pioneering media studies at Scotland’s Glasgow University has produced remarkable results of reporting and propaganda in the occupied Palestinian territories. Professor Greg Philo and his colleagues were shocked to find public ignorance compounded by TV news reporting. The more people watched, the less they knew. The power structure of the media is portrayed as an extension of the state and its consigned interests. The serious facts and historical background are routinely suppressed.

Resistance is humanity at its courageous and most honourable and gallant. The resistance in Occupied Palestine is rightly compared with the 1943 Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto — which also dug tunnels and deployed tactics of stratagem and surprise against an overwhelming and intense military machine.


Ibrahim Vawda

Media Review Network.


072 295 0088