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A giant has fallen: Ibrahim Vawda

We at Media Review Network (MRN) sadly announce the passing of our esteemed colleague and leader Ibrahim Vawda.

He will be remembered as an outstanding warrior for truth and justice.

Admired and loved by thousands of students who cherish his sacrifices as a teacher and principal, Ibrahim Vawda’s sincerity and integrity defined his life.

As his colleagues at Media Review Network, we recall his utmost dedication to the cause of human rights and social justice.

His untiring efforts at the helm of MRN, elevated causes of justice for all oppressed people, from Kashmir to Palestine and from Myanmar to Khartoum.

Ibrahim Vawda spent his life challenging and combating evils of racism, Zionism, sectarianism and the scourge of Islamophobia.

As a regular contributor to media, he ably and professionally led compelling arguments in defense of the honour of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

His voice of reason, his passion for justice and love, devotion and concern for family and friends will be remembered by all whose lives he touched.

We at MRN have lost a stalwart, a pillar and a giant.

May Allah Allmighty grant his dear wife Bilkes and children the strength and fortitude to bear with sabr his passing.

May Allah swt be pleased with him and reward him with the best of rewards in Jannah.

Iqbal Jassat

Exec Member: Media Review Network


South Africa



Iqbal Jassat