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Timeline of Israel’s current war crimes and violations of International Laws

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April 30

Palestinians take to the streets to protest following the Fajr prayer at Al Aqsa mosque. Palestinians gather on the steps of Al Aqsa mosque following Friday prayer to take an oath to defend the mosque. Israeli settlers celebrate in front of the Palestinian homes of the families threatened of displacement and ethnic cleansing. Israeli occupation forces brutally attack and beat members of the Palestinian youth at Damascus gate, Jerusalem.

May 1

Palestinians gather for a protest at the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Israeli occupation forces brutally assault and attack protestors, detaining two. Many begin to protest across Palestine. In one instance, occupation forces harass Palestinians during a vigil held in solidarity with families of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Christian Palestinians gather at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem to celebrate a day before Easter Sunday. Occupation forces attack the celebration at the gate of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

May 2

Israeli court meets to decide whether to displace 28 Palestinian families or not. Ruling decides that settlers will inherit the homes of the Palesinian owners following their death. Palestinians dismissed this deal, refusing any other deals of the same kind. Court adjourned until May 6.

Israeli settlers break into Al Aqsa mosque compound. Occupation forces attack Palestinians in Beita, near Nablus. One boy was reportedly shot by occupation forces. Palestinian youths hold vigil in solidarity with the families of Sheikh Jarrah.
Occupation forces attack Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah using sound grenades. They then detain some Palestinians.

May 3

Occupation forces storm the village of Aqraba, near Nablus, assaulting a number of Palestinians and arresting them. At least eight were reportedly detained. Palestinians hold vigil in solidarity with families of Sheikh Jarrah. Occupation forces attack and assault them. Occupation forces attack the families of Sheikh Jarrah, detaining a few young men. One of the young men was identified as Ahmad Farrah.

May 4

Ahmed Farrah is released after being beaten by occupation forces. Mohamad Alobkby is sent to court. Occupation forces storm a mosque in Aqraba. Palestinians gather for iftar in the courtyard of the Al Aqsa mosque. Occupation forces prevent Palestinians from reaching Sheikh Jarrah to take part in a solidarity vigil. Muna and Mohammad al Kurd are assaulted during the solidarity vigil. Mohammad is then detained.  Soldiers attack and harass a number of protestors, including one young man, Omar, who had his neck pressed down by a soldier. “I can’t breathe, you are suffocating me,” he yells out.

May 5

The entrances and exits of Aqraba are sealed, as occupation forces storm it in search of Palestinian fighters who shot and injured three Israeli soldiers a few days prior. Settlers set fire to lands owned by Palestinians in Burin, an occupied village in the West Bank. Occupation forces detain Sanaa Shalabi, after a raid of her home in the north of Ramallah. Her son was detained the day before.  Sameer Bhais is detained by Israeli soldiers following a raid on his home in Yatta.

May 6

Palestinians break their fast in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Occupation forces attack a farm and two homes in Aqraba.
Palestinians continue to gather in solidarity with the families of Sheikh Jarrah. Occupation forces assault Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah. One attack was carried out inside the house of the Al Kurd family using sound grenades. Another showed forces spraying skunk water at Palestinians and homes in the neighborhood. Forces brutally drag and detain at least seven during the protests, including one girl and one paramedic, Palestinian paramedics sustain injuries by sound grenades in an attempt to treat the injured in Sheikh Jarrah. A volunteer paramedic is detained.  Occupation forces shoot and kill a 16-year-old boy, Saeed Odeh, in Olda, near Nablus.

May 7

A funeral is held for Saeed Odeh. Israeli supreme court postponed the verdict from May 6 to May 10.
Settlers spray pepper gas at Palestinian.