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The Foreign Ministry of the Zionist Occupier Regime announced 2021/07/22 that the regime has regained its observer status at the AU. Israel’s ambassador to Addis Ababa, Alaly Adamso, has resubmitted Israel’s charter as an observer member of the AU. Until 2002, Israel was an observer member of the organization of African Unity, until it was dissolved and replaced by the African Union.

Who are these people making the decision to readmit Israel to the observer status at the AU? We know them very well, and ever since, they ascended to power at the continental body, they have made very unpopular decisions which do not benefit Africa and its people at all. Instead, they have sold us all to the highest bidder.

The people of Africa know them and one day they will be flushed out and exposed as traitors because Africa is born out of struggles from slavery, and colonialism. The people of Africa have known nothing but pain throughout the centuries. First, our kings and chiefs of old sold us for a teaspoon of sugar and a mirror. Second, our leaders are selling us again to these very same people for their personal comfort of the imperial west.

What is the difference between these modern African leaders and those who presided over us during the days of slavery?  The answer is, there is no difference at all. They are one and the same. These are people who allow imperialists and Zionist’s access to the people’s God given resources in exchange for spyware technology and arms of war to perpetuate their hold on power.

When former Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi spearheaded the formation of the African Union in 2002, he made sure that Zionist Israel was sidelined, but little did he know that his other African brothers would betray him and change things once he was out of the picture.

What purpose does Israel’s observer status serve at the AU anyway? Israel is a racist, apartheid, and occupying force and the AU should have demanded that it complies with the many UN resolutions hanging on its head. The AU should have used the opportunity to pressure Israel to withdraw from all Arab lands it occupies and allow Palestinian independence.

What makes us wonder is the fact that its hardly a week since the UK’s Guardian newspaper reported that NSO an Israeli company had sold Pegasus spyware technology to certain countries, including some African countries which targeted about 14 world leaders including South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

This is just but one example of what befriending Israel means. Let’s take for example, one of the African leaders implicated in espionage using the Pegasus technology, Paul Kagame of Rwanda. He is a well-known friend of Israel and has strained relations with many of his neighbouring African leaders. Imagine how his relations with the other African leaders will look like going forward after this leak?

Mr. Kagame is also well-known for pursuing his political opponents wherever they might be and assassinate them. Currently, his relationship with the South African government is strained precisely because of that. He also has problems with President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda who accuses him of espionage using this very same Pegasus espionage technology.

The government of Burundi is also complaining about Mr. Kagame for doing the same thing that all the above countries are accusing him for. Rwanda recently deployed its troops to Cabo Delgado and a fierce war of words has since erupted within the ruling FRELIMO party over the deployment of Rwandese troops.

Given the Pegasus situation, how can SADC trust the Rwandese military working side by side its forces in Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique? This situation could go very wrong in the near distance future. How do you fight a war side by side with someone spying on you?

Its simple things like these that cause serious problems between countries, and wherever Israel goes and is welcomed, problems of this nature always occur. Countries are destabilised and soon turn on each other in a dog-eat-dog kind of situation.

We only need to give the AU less than 10 years of existence before it starts to disintegrate and serious problems leading to its breaking up begin to emerge. The AU has made two serious blunders recently. The first one was to allow Morocco to return to the fold before withdrawing its forces from occupied Western Sahara. The second one is, allowing Israel back to the AU as an observer.

If we are not careful, before we know what is happening, African countries will turn against each other and many of its leaders will not be seeing eye to eye. By allowing relations with Zionist Israel, Africa should brace itself for destabilization like never seen before. We will soon be on each other’s throats and killing each other if we are not careful.

We call upon the AU to revise this decision allowing Israel an observer status, at least, until it complies with all UN resolutions on its withdrawal from all occupied territories and allow Palestinian independence. Without them meeting these demands, there should be no serious relations with Zionist Israel.


Dr. Mustafa Mheta

Senior researcher/Head of Africa Desk

Media Review Network

South Africa