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The new United Nations Human Rights Chief Volker Turk has vowed to continue pursuing the Chinese government on its alleged human rights abuses of the Uighurs which were raised by his predecessor Michelle Bachelet before her retirement. We are not against any investigation by the UN Human Rights body per se, but at the level the UN body has allowed itself to be used as a willing tool by the western superpowers in the Security Council.

China has not refused to be investigated by the UN body but until it’s proven guilty, it cannot be declared guilty. At the same time, we recall the numerous similar or even worse human rights violations that have been committed by the same powers that seek to condemn China. The lives of non-whites minorities in the USA are worse than we are told.

This is not only confined to China, its true with regards to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Iran, Zimbabwe, Mali, Venezuela and any other country that does not tow the official western imperialist line.

The black community in the USA is subjected to systemic racism and face blatant open violence perpetrated by the White Police Force. Blacks are hunted and killed like game on a daily basis by this country’s security apparatus and it ends up ignored and is not even reported in mainstream media. Space here will not allow us to document all similar human rights violations in the USA and is much worse in their declared war zones like Iraq, Syria and many others.

It is clear the USA and its NATO allies in the EU, are using the human rights accusations on China as a tool against China given the rivalry between them. The UN Human Rights Commission must be mindful about being used as a pawn and should focus on the other many hot spots dotted across the world where many violations occur happening on a daily basis. It goes without saying that in the USA itself, other political ideologies other than the official two parties, the Republicans and Democrats, no other political formations are allowed.

Socialism, Marxist, and Communist parties remain banned in the USA. Any attempt to politically organize on any of the above-mentioned platforms is met with some ridicule, demonization, and even jail terms. Is that democracy? Shouldn’t democracy be actually allowing other voices to be heard as well?

Why not focus on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where the Rwandan supported M23 movement is massacring people and causing untold sufferings on the people of this great country? Recently, there has been discovery of mass grave and it is believed that over 300 people have been massacred in that part of the world. No one in the west will talk or let alone intervene in the DRC simply because most of them are involved in reaping and looting the country.

It is this inaction by organizations such as the United Nations Human Rights Commission’s failure to investigate and prescribe punishment on these would be offenders that led to the victims of the war in Goma to picket against it last week. People are tired of the display of double standards even by institutions that are supposed to be protecting them.

That there are serious allegations of human rights abuses in Xijiang is not in dispute. It obviously relates to the cries by the Uighurs for an end to oppression, but to expect the US and its allies to wield the proverbial ‘big stick’ of the type that’s resulted in death and destruction across the Muslim world, is ironic.


Dr. Mustafa Mheta

Senior researcher/Head of Africa Desk

Media Review Network SA

Dean: School of Languages at Somali

National University (SNU) Mogadishu

Federal Republic of Somalia