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Ramadan besides being referred to month it is also prominence and conspicuous as the reasons for what should happen in Ramadan; Saum or Abstention (Fasting), like it had been for all of humankind, previously, is once more a visitor in our midst. Muslims all over the world would be anxiously looking forward for this period of Taqwa (Allah Consciousness) in this period and relief from stress and grief. The problems of the Muslim Ummah and humankind has increased from the previous Ramadan and the end does not seem to be in sight. One of the meanings of Ramadan is “stop” meaning to stop all activities that hinder Taqwa.

For the last 36 months humankind has concentrated on Covid 19 or the Corona Virus but diseases like TB and Aids have increased. Thus, humankind is in greater challenge, and this is being felt by the Muslim Ummah.

The activities in the Middle East with the ever-increasing problems being experienced by the Palestinians and the move towards reconciliations of Saudi Arabia and Iran may bring about some sort of fresh positive actions for the Muslims in those areas and around the world in this month of abstention from negative activities.

Although restrictions at the workplace, Masajid, Sport fields and shopping centres had helped marginally but many people had succumbed to Covid 19 throughout the world and in RSA. It is only constancy or patience in practicing abstentions and firm resolutions that can help. The other issue is the high percentage of unemployment around the world and the increase in the refugee crisis around the world. These happenings put more strain on the Muslim community who are ever willing to assist those in Trouble.  May Allah Guide us all towards actions of goodwill to man.

Although Saum (Thaum) is loosely translated as “fasting” the meaning actually is “abstention” and this has a wider effect in implementation in our lives and especially in Ramadan.

Muslims throughout the world will be excited with the onset of Ramadan, but we should not only remember and remind but practice abstention from inhumanity, repression, injustices, inequality, and oppression. The leading “Muslim” countries and communities should set examples for the rest of the world, so that humanity could feel the effect of Iman which translated into action would be safety, security, freedom, and harmony. In this way casualties of war and repression resulting in horrors and destruction on the less fortunate would come to an end.

Let the Quran be our Guiding light and righteousness (2:177) our torch of sharing our wealth, being conscious of relatives, being helpful to the needy, orphans, travellers, beggars and those in bondage (with the increase of wars and oppressions the numbers of refugees and slavery continue to increase manifold); we should fulfil promises and pledges, keeping to the greater principles of Salah and Zakah which translated is Social Justice and upliftment of mankind as enunciated by Allah in the Quran.

At the end of Ramadan, we should celebrate Eid with ease for all humankind without any hardship and thus being aware of the bounties and Greatness of Allah because of His never-ending sustenance and protection which we as Muslims should implement these entities for all of humankind.

The MRN-Media Review Network, supplicate for all Muslims and All humankind well and progress in all spheres of life during this month of Ramadan and which should be extended also for all times. We strive to act in ways that would result in positive rewards from Allah and countless bounties from the Creator, ensuring the acceptability of our efforts by Him.

From and on Behalf of The Management and Staff of MRN.