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MRN supports UCT PSF against Zionist lobby

The Media Review Network extends its unwavering support to comrades at UCT Palestinian Solidarity Forum and PSC who are facing extremist attacks from the Zionist lobby in Cape Town.

UCT PSF virtually hosted representatives from the Axis of Resistance against Zionist settler colonialism in Palestine during Israeli Apartheid Week and more recently, held a demonstration against the Zionist war on Gaza.

The Zionist lobby has attempted to stifle free speech and assembly in Cape Town by weaponising anti-semitism and vilifying resistance organisations in Palestine.

The Zionist extremist organisations have also attempted to pressurise UCT management to condemn Palestinian solidarity organisations and to withhold permission for them to engage in peaceful debate and demonstrations on campus against Zionist settler colonialism.

As the last bastion of settler colonialism, the Media Review Network supports the armed resistance against Zionism in Palestine in the same way the UCT PSF does, be it from Al Qasaam, Islamic Jihad, Al Quds Brigades, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades or the newly formed Lions Den.

Armed resistance is a right enshrined in international law and no attempt at vilifying the Axis of Resistance and its global supporters such as UCT PSF will be tolerated.

We call on UCT management, the City of Cape Town, and the SA government not to succumb to the pressures of the Zionist lobby.

The forces of global coloniality, led by the Zionist lobby, cannot decide who are terrorists and who are legitimate freedom fighters.

MRN salutes the brave comrades in Cape Town and urges them to continue down this path.

Issued by

Dr. Ahmed Haroon Jazbhay

Executive Member

Media Review Network