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Hospital bombed in Gaza – Over to you ICC.

As much of the world reacts to a gruesome bombing of the Al Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, we at the Media Review Network call upon the International Criminal Court to show some metal against the Zionist entity.

Zionist war crimes against indigenous Palestinians are nothing new, starting in 1948 with the Nakba.

However, the impunity of the Zionist entity and its global patrons has always baffled advocates of international law.

The latest dastardly bombing has shocked the consciousness of everyone, except Karim Khan and his International Criminal Court.

Failure by the ICC to issue a warrant of arrest for Israeli war criminals who are in blatant violation of International Humanitarian Law, renders the ICC a futile agency.

The bombing of the Al Ahli hospital is a litmus test for the legitimacy of the ICC who it appears only has the fortitude to act against leaders of the Global South.

It acted with haste against President Putin but seems paralyzed against the Zionist entity.

If a law cannot apply to everyone, it shouldn’t apply to anyone.

Over to you, ICC!

Issued by:
Dr Ahmed Haroon Jazbhay
Executive Member
Media Review Network
South Africa