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Islamophobia and the Manufacturing of consent for massacres in Gaza

All people of the world have a fundamental human right to a state except the Palestinians because they are mainly Arab and Muslim. Palestine was violently wiped of the face of the earth by Zionists in 1948 and the State of Israel was created over Palestinian land. From 1948 till today, for seventy five years Palestinians remain a stateless people.  They are a people without a government and have lived under Israeli Occupation since 1948. After wiping Palestine from the map of the earth, Zionists have consistently been engaged in the process of wiping Palestinians of the earth.  After the 7th October attack by Hamas on Israel till the time of writing, approximately eleven thousand and five hundred Palestinians were wiped of the earth by Israel, almost all of them civilians and more than 4600 of them, Palestinian children. On one day, the 18th October more than 500 hundred Palestinians were massacred when Israel bombed a Baptist hospital in Gaza sheltering the ill, women and children. In the two days from the 24th to the 26th October Israel has killed approximately four hundred Palestinians a day almost all of them innocent civilians. This killing has become “normal”.  The elites who have power and authority in the world like the United States and the European Union have refused to condemn the atrocities committed by Israeli Zionists and have been consistent in doing this in the previous four wars which was waged by Israel on the occupied and colonized people of Gaza. This is racism, it is Islamophobia.   Zionist Islamophobia has been openly virulent and vicious, in words and in action. Israeli Zionists at the helm of power in the Israeli political and military establishment have also been very clear in articulating and expressing their Islamophobia.

“I have ordered a complete siege of the Gaza Strip. There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed. We are fighting human animals and we act accordingly” Israeli Defence Minister. Yoav Gallant. These are the words from the person in charge of the Israeli war on Gaza in the aftermath of 7th October.  This is how he expressed his and Israel’s genocidal intent in dealing with the people of Gaza, almost half of them children. The Israeli Defence Minister makes it concisely clear that Palestinians are not human, they are animals. They are thus not deserving of any human rights. Every human being has the right to food, water and electricity. These are fundamental human rights which the Zionist Israeli government has denied to the approximately two and half million people of Gaza.

Hertzog, no not the old settler Prime Minister of Apartheid South Africa but the current President of Israel, Isaac Hertzog said after 7th October “It’s an entire nation out there that is responsible. This rhetoric about civilians not aware, not involved, it’s absolutely not true”. The Prime Minister is honest and clear that there are no civilians in Gaza and all of Gaza’s 2.4 million people are fair game for slaughter by Israel.  To Hertzog and the state of Israel, all of the people of Gaza are responsible for the 7th October attack, civilians and military combatants. They cannot be separated. This is exactly how Israel has prosecuted its war on the people of Palestine. The Israeli military has made no distinction between military combatants and the civilian population and have bombed Gaza and its civilians to bits.  All of this of course with the complicity of the boys upstairs in US, UK, India and the European Union who have bent backwards to demonstrate the green light to kill the people of Gaza.

“All of Gaza’s infrastructure must be destroyed to its foundation and their electricity cut off immediately. The war is not against Hamas but against the state of Gaza”.  May Golan.  Israel’s Minister for the Advancement for the status of women. These vile words from she who should be advancing the rights of woman.  There are more than fifty thousand women who are pregnant in Gaza, who have gone without food, water and electricity for more than a month and simultaneously faced the trauma of having more than six thousand bombs dropped on them. These pregnant women cannot access medical care. According to the UN, there approximately 180 births a day. Breast feeding mothers are advised to drink at least three litres of water a day and to eat nutritiously but Israel has denied this basic human right to the mothers in Gaza.  According to the UN’s Dominic Allen, “A minimum of fifteen per cent of births will have complications which will require basic or comprehensive obstetrics care. The war is creating a high stress environment leading to further complications at birth and may lead to miscarriages”.  Action Aid’s Rihanna Jafara says that “Thousands of women in Gaza are risking their lives to give birth undergoing caesarean and emergency operations without sterilising, anaesthesia and painkillers. Mothers of the world cringe upon hearing heart wrenching reports of pregnant women in Gaza who for after weeks of the water supply being cut off by Israel have had to resort to boiling water taken from toilets so that their unborn children can be hydrated.  This racism against Palestinian women has also been openly expressed by those in power in the Israeli Zionist state. Bezalel Smotrich, the Israeli Finance Minister and leader of the Bayit Yehudi Party has advocated for the separation of Jewish and Arab woman in maternity wards in Apartheid style segregation. His wife, the racist Revital supports this apartheid segregation of Arab and Jewish women and told Israel’s channel 10 “ It isn’t pleasant for me to lie next to Arab women”.

Smotrich does not disguise his racism and hatred for Palestinians. According to the Israeli Finance Minister Palestinians do not exist, they are not a people. He recently went on this Islamophobic rant. “Who was the first Palestinian King? What language do the Palestinians have? Was there ever a Palestinian currency? Is there a Palestinian history or culture? There is no such thing as a Palestinian people.”  On the 9th October, two days after the Hamas attack on Gaza, Smotrich openly expressed the intent of the Israeli military operation against the Palestinians when he simply said “It’s time to be cruel”. Cruel is the appropriate word to describe Israel’s attack on the people of Gaza after October 7 and the vicious hatred that Israeli’s have for Palestinians. The indiscriminate bombing and killing hundreds of Palestinian civilians every day and simultaneously starving off all the people of Gaza.  Oxfam’s regional director has said “The situation is nothing short of horrific. Millions of civilians are being collectively punished in full view of the world; there can be no justification for using starvation as a weapon of war”. Most Hospitals have shut down as a result of this collective punishment and Palestinians cannot access emergency medical treatment. Surgeons are performing operations and amputations on Palestinians without the use of anaesthesia.

Ariel Kallner, a member of the Israeli Parliament from Netanyahu’s Likud Party said after October 7th, “Right now, one goal, Nakba, a Nakba that will overshadow the Nakba of 1948”. He should be given credit for his honesty in acknowledging the Nakba of 1948 which was the Zionist usurpation of Palestinian land and genocide which in fact wiped out the state of Palestine from the map of the earth. To Smotrich and many Zionists, in hasbara speak, there was no Palestine or Palestinians, there was no Nakba. However in a fit of anger, Kallner, tells the truth about the Nakba and of the current Israeli military massacre that will be worse than the 1948 Nakba. The Israeli intent is mass murder, mayhem and genocide. Another Nakba but worse than 1948?

What will be worse than the Nakba though? The killing of tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinian children, women and men? The permanent expulsion of millions of Palestinians to Jordan and Egypt and the establishment of a Bantustan governing authority in Gaza and the West Bank? A militarized occupation of Gaza and the West Bank? In the current conflict, it is estimated that Israeli Zionists kill an Arab child of Gaza every ten minutes since the onset of this conflict. On this fact alone, Biden and Sunak should have called for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire. By not calling for a ceasefire, they demonstrate to the world the contempt they have for right to life of a child. 41 days into the  Israel killing of Palestinians, they are fine with the killing of one Palestinian child every ten minutes.   According to James Elder from UNICEF “Gaza has become a graveyard for thousands of children”.   The Muslim child is slaughtered in such a barbaric way that every mother in Gaza has resorted to writing the name of her child on the child’s limbs so that the child may be identified because the brutal bombing of children is so viciously  extreme that Palestinian parents are unable to recognize their kids. At the ruthless rate that Israel is slaughtering Palestinian children; Palestinian parents are now separating their children and placing them in different locations in the hope that there might be some or at least one of the children that is not killed by the Israeli Zionists. This issue alone demonstrates the psychological trauma that Israel has visited on the people especially the women and children of Gaza. At the time of writing almost four thousand and six hundred Palestinian children have been killed by Israel.    Just the number of Muslim children that Israel has killed is more than four times the number of the Israeli casualties from October 7th. This is infanticide. Islamophobic infanticide that Israel continues to perpetuate with the complicity of the US (Biden) and U.K. (Sunak). In the midst of this infanticide, the Western powers represented by Biden, Sunak and Von der Leyen refuse to call for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.  The United States shamelessly vetoed all proposed UN resolutions calling for an immediate ceasefire and a cessation of military action. For this Joe Biden will forever be remembered as the U.S. president with the blood of Palestinian babies on his hands. The US even vetoed a resolution by Brazil that condemned Hamas as a terrorist organisation and called for the release of all hostages. Instead the US and UK are sending more arms to Israel which will obviously result in killing more Muslim women and children and help sustain a protracted Islamophobic war against the people of Gaza. They can clearly see that these weapons are used to commit infanticide and by sending more weapons, their intention can only be too see more Arab women and children slaughtered.  UN experts have warned about genocide in Gaza “We remain convinced that the Palestinian People are at great risk of genocide. The time for action is now. Israeli allies also bear responsibility and must act now to prevent its disastrous course of action”.  This statement was released by a total of seven UN special rapporteur human rights holders.  

Itamar Ben Gvir is the Israeli National Security Minister, a praise singer and hero worshipper of Baruch Goldstein, the Zionist Islamophobe who butchered 29 Palestinian Muslim civilians while they were praying at the Ibrahimi Mosque in 1994. Ben Gvir has said “My right, my wife’s, my children to roam the roads of Judea and Samaria (Known as the West Bank to everyone except Zionists) are more important than the right of movement of the Arabs”. On January 3 2023, Ben Gvir entered the Al Aqsa Mosque in an act of hostile provocation towards the Palestinians.  Muslims consider the mosque to be the second holiest site in Islam. In the current conflict, Ben Gvir has handed out ten thousand assault rifles to Israeli settlers in order for them to visit violence on the poor Palestinians.

Benjamin Netanyahu who is renowned for his hatred of the Palestinians said in the aftermath of October 7th.  “Gaza is the city of Evil; we will turn all the places in which Hamas deploys and hides into ruins. I am telling the people of Gaza-get out of there now. We will act everywhere and with full power”.  Netanyahu’s words are accepted by the mainstream media as Gospel even though his allies have called him a liar. In a leaked audio conversation between Nicholas Sarkozy and Barack Obama that went viral during Obama’s presidency, Sarkozy said of Netanyahu “I can’t look at him anymore, he is a liar”.  Obama responded to Sarkozy “You’ve had enough of him but I have to deal with him every day”.  Joe Biden was the vice president in the Obama administration at the time and instead of being circumspect with Netanyahu today, it is shocking beyond belief that he repeats and parrots everything that Netanyahu says without question.

This settler racist Zionist Islamophobic war on the people of Gaza is rooted at the centre of Israeli power, not in the periphery or the fringe but from the mainstream of the Israeli State. The Prime Minister, the President, the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Finance, the Minister for the advancement of the status of women in their words have demonstrated their racism and demeaned and denigrated the people of Gaza. This racist othering of the colonized by the colonizer is dangerous and is designed to give a licence to massacre.  All people should have Human Rights but according to Zionists, Palestinians are not people, they are not even human, they are all animals.  Why are we then shocked when Palestinians have been bombed like animals, the limbs of babies shred to bits, mothers and fathers in agony walking the streets of Gaza, picking up an eye, an ear, a limb of their slaughtered children. They are now being treated cruelly just like Smotrich said they would.

Outside of the Israeli political and military establishment, the same Islamophobic attitude is being expressed. “Gaza must be erased. Erased. Including everything, without leaving a speck of dust from the place which humanoid animals such as these are coming out. Period. Doron David. Israeli Actor.

The current atmosphere is following a similar Islamophobic trajectory in the immediate aftermath of September 11. This atmosphere has been created both by Zionist Israel and the powerful elites in the Wild West to the point where Arabs and Palestinians are presented to the public mind as terrorists and subhuman. They are animals and their identity as Palestinians cannot be extricated from the word “terrorism”.  The concept of the Palestinian Islamic terrorist has become firmly entrenched in the public mind. From every podium and presentation, correspondent and commentator, the image  of the Muslim terrorist has reached deep into the core of the public mind and heart. Thus, the initial reaction of outrage, shock and sympathy  when looking at baby Muhammad and baby Fathima bludgeoned to death and dismembered beneath the Gaza rubble is followed by the urging of the subconscious suspicion “But these babies will grow up to be terrorists anyway, these are the children of dark and deadly folks, they will grow up to be anti-modern sand niggers,  they will take the region back to medieval times, it’s better that they die now rather than growing up to be Hamas terrorists”.

When asked by the interviewer: “A siege is appropriate? Cutting off power, cutting off water? Keir Starmer responds “I think that Israel does have that right”.  The leader of the Labour Party in Britain could not conceal his racism when he advocates for collective punishment of the more than two million Arabs of Gaza.  Starmer is a former human rights lawyer who clearly does not believe in equal rights for all the people of the world. Palestinians are a lesser people according to Starmer. Starmer is okay with the slaughter of Palestinian babies which is why he refuses the call of Britain’s public for an immediate ceasefire.  Labours Lisa Nandy was given a chance to clean up Starmers mess by the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire who bluntly asked Nandy “Let’s see if you can be clear about Labours position then. Do you think that Israel breaks international law by cutting off water and power supplies? On four occasions she was asked this question, Nandy was circuitous and evasive in her response and could not clearly answer and confirm that Israel is in contravention of international law. She danced and dallied around the question and went as far as to reply “Israel has a right to self-defence and it has a duty to secure the release of its hostages”.  The Labour Party of Britain which is supposed to be the party of progressive values is now openly Islamophobic.

Like the leader of the British Labour party, the chief of the European Union Ursula Von Der Leyen is also an Islamophobe and a supporter of collective punishment for the Palestinian Arabs. In the immediate aftermath of October 7th, Von der Leyen said “The European Union stands with Israel, today, tomorrow and in the days to come and in the next few weeks”.  As she warmly shook hands with Netanyahu, he said “This is the frontline of civilisation and barbarism”.   Netanyahu will have us believe that this is a war between the Civilized Israeli Jews and barbaric Palestinian Muslims.  This outrageous racism and settler colonial speak inspired no rebuke from Von der Leyen.  According to Netanyahu Israeli Jews are civilised and Palestinian Muslims are barbaric and the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is a conflict between the civilised Jew and the uncivilised Muslim. Von der Leyen found nothing wrong with this racist language and said absolutely nothing to rebuke Netanyahu.   Almost exactly a year ago Von Der Leyen on the 19th October 2022 in relation to Ukraine said”. Targeted attacks on civilian infrastructure with the clear aim to cut off men, women and children from electricity and with the winter coming, these are acts of pure terror and we have to call it as such”.  Von der Layen also said that “Russian missiles and drone attacks on power stations and other civilian infrastructure are acts of terror that amount to war crimes”.  But when Israel acts in the same manner, there is no violation of international law. Terror cannot be attributed to Israeli’s and they cannot be called terrorists.

Only from non-state international human rights organisations are there expressions for compliance with international law and human rights, a call to end the war and advocating for peace and justice.

Amnesty International in its 20 October report on Gaza states “For 16 years Israel’s illegal blockade has made Gaza the world’s biggest open air prison, the international community must act now to prevent it from becoming a giant graveyard”.

Amnesty International’s secretary General Agnes Callamard goes on to say “In their stated intent to use all means to destroy Hamas, Israeli forces have shown a shocking disregard for civilian lives. They have pulverised street after street of residential buildings killing civilians on a mass scale and destroying civilian infrastructure… Gaza is fast running out of water, medicine, food and electricity. Testimonies from eyewitnesses and survivors highlight how Israeli attacks decimated Palestinian families causing such destruction that surviving relatives have little but rubble to remember their loved ones by”. This utter cruelty of the Israeli killings where there is nothing left of Palestinian bodies to determine their identity. This total dehumanization of the Muslim mother  in Gaza where she has to consciously write the name of her baby on the child’s leg just to be able to identify her dead baby while the “International Community”  green lights Israeli State barbarism.  The killing of thousands of babies, the attacks on hospital, schools, mosques, churches, shelters, medics and ambulances and even UN workers. Israel has killed more than 100 staff members of the united Nations, the highest number in any conflict in the world. The displacement of more than one and a half million Muslims, complete destruction of Gaza’s civilian infrastructure and the simultaneous denial of electricity, water and medicine to the 2.4 million people of Gaza is barbarism. If this is not barbarism, what is? Amnesty has also called out Hamas to “immediately end deliberate attacks on civilians and the firing of indiscriminate rockets. They must release all hostages unconditionally and immediately”.

Amnesty has been calling for an immediate ceasefire and for anyone who is in violation of international law, both Palestinian and Israelis to face justice. Isn’t this the way to deal with the conflict in accordance with international law and human rights? To end war and the killings? To seek a diplomatic and political solution that can prevent any further military conflict from emerging? It is mind boggling as to why world leaders are so happy with wars and killing and are averse to peace and justice. Israel’s stated aim at the beginning of the conflict on October 7 was to release the hostage and destroy Hamas.  Yet 41 days later and after having slaughtered almost twelve thousand Palestinians, Israel has not captured a single hostage in Gaza and Hamas is still standing. But Biden and Sunak want the killing to go on and refuse a ceasefire.  

And so the West and in particular the leaders of the West Biden, Sunak, Von Der Leyen and the likes stand accused by the public of double standards and showing the middle finger to International law and human rights when the victims are brown, black, Arab  and Muslim. They are normalising the law of the jungle. The world is now fast descending a slippery slope of lawlessness. Hundreds of innocents are dying every day. Millions of people the world over have taken to the streets calling for an immediate ceasefire, peace and justice to the conflict. The powers that be are turning a deaf hear to this international peoples call for peace and justice just in the same manner that they ignored the anti war message from the citizens of the world prior to the Iraq War.  Biden and the US have stupidly escalated the situation by sending not only arms to Israel to kill Palestinians but also sent American Aircraft carrier to the region in support of Israel. Instead of behaving as an elder statesman, Biden is behaving like a Yankee Cowboy.  What will happen if a Palestinian missile intentionally or negligently hits the US ship or if there is a false flag operation targeting the US Ship. The US will enter the war and then we will have not a regional war but a global war with millions of people losing their lives. The leader in the US and the West surely know this.  How long will Arabs be restrained when they see that Israel is deliberately killing an Arab child every ten minutes.

The leaders of the West from Washington to London and the capitals of Europe are openly expressing their naked Islamophobia.  US senator Lindsay Graham shrieked out to Fox news “We are in a religious war here. I’m with Israel. Do whatever the hell you have to do to defend yourself. Level the place”.   Western and Israeli leaders persist in colonial speak. Palestinians have been painted and presented by Western leaders and Western media as primitive, anti-modern, anti-Semites, bloodthirsty, medieval, stupid savages with a silly religion who have no value for any human life, are not human, are killers of their own children and follow a barbaric religion. They have even resorted to propagating lies to promote the image of the Muslim Palestinian barbarian. Fox News on October 10th reported   “At least 40 babies some beheaded were found by Israeli soldiers in a Hamas attacked village”. This lie spread like wildfire and was repeated by CNN, Metro news in the UK and Sky news Australia.

On October 12 CNN’s Sara Sidner apologised for reporting the lie of beheaded Israeli babies after hearing it from Israeli officials “Yesterday the Israeli Prime Minister’s office said that it had confirmed accounts of beheaded babies and children while we were live on air. The Israeli government now says that it cannot confirm that babies were beheaded. I need to be more careful with my words and I am sorry”.  The problem is that this Islamophobic myth was repeated by the powerful from President Biden to news anchors, commentators, Zionist propagandists and politicians and in the process beamed to the world. Today in the age of internet and social media, lies spread a million times faster than wildfire, the lie spread to the screens of millions and travelled across the world before the truth could take a step. In a few minutes through the internet and social media, the lie becomes embedded in the minds of billions of people around the world and it results in consequent action and barbarism. A six year old Muslim Palestinian Arab child Wadea Al Fayoune in Chicago, America was stabbed 26 times by an Israeli supporter Joseph Czuba who screamed as he attacked the child and his mother with a knife, You Muslims must die and he went about butchering the Muslim child to death. Imagine how gruesome a death, using a twelve inch serrated military style knife with a seven inch blade, he stabbed the child,  not one time, not twice, not twelve but 26 times.  In the words of the Israeli Minister Smotrich “Its time to be cruel”.   Joe Biden, the American president went into an Islamphobic rant in the aftermath of the 7th October and seemed to parrot Netanyahu’s words when he told the world that there were confirmed reports of “Beheaded babies” and “Women were raped, assaulted and paraded as trophies”. These lies that perpetuated the Arab stereotype as backward, savage, brutal, lustful and medieval was beamed to billions around the world and has the effect of dehumanizing the Palestinians. The following day, US officials did a u turn and retraction on the matter and stated that they could not confirm any instance of beheaded babies. These lies blaming Palestinians for beheading babies and raping women were published in a full page advertorial on page 5 of the Sunday times 15th October edition by the South African Jewish Board of Deputies which stated “Of babies having their throats slit in their cribs and women being defiled, raped and murdered”.  Another Islamophobe based in Durban, Saar Ben Hamoo posted on his business Falafel Fundi Restaurant Facebook social media account “We will drink the blood of your children in Gaza”. Another post on the restaurants official page stated “On Sunday, one thousand Israeli’s got slaughtered in their home. I am sure all seeing the video. I support my country. And all they are doing there at the moment. And if I lose some customers cuz of what I post, it’s a small price to pay. I know so many people who lost their families on Sat. So sorry if I ask my country for revenge”.  One wonders what will satisfy the bloodthirsty revenge of this Durban Zionist Islamophobe. Is the blood of five thousand babies in Gaza not enough??? How much blood of Palestinian babies will quench the insatiable vengeful and  vampiric thirst of this Zionist Islamophobe and his ilk?

The lies are being repeated over and over again by various news outlets. It is generating hate, hate speech and extreme violence towards Palestinians specifically and Arabs and Muslims generally.  And so the colonial image of the dirty, primitive, backward, bloodthirsty, brutal and hyper sexualised brown Arab is being produced en masse.  Colonial authorities used this very same method to other and dehumanize brown and black colonized people. Millions of natives in Africa, Asia, North America and Australia were slaughtered by white western colonial governments.  The Islamophobic  Iraq war was waged on the basis of lies generated by US intelligence that Iraq had chemical weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein was working with Al Qaeda.  Over a million Arabs were slaughtered in that war which lest we forget was promoted by virtually all white and western powers as well as Zionist Israel and the Democratic Alliance in South Africa. The mainstream media at the time was complicit in dehumanizing Arabs and spreading the lies. The mainstream media in Chomskian speak manufactured consent for the Iraq war. It is worth noting that neither Bush nor Tony “All you need is war” Blair nor any other cowboy has been held accountable or prosecuted by the International Criminal Court for the massacres, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the Arabs in Iraq.

But 2023 is not 2011. The Arab Street is developing its own narrative of the Gaza war as images and videos of babies with the names of Muhammad and Fathima are seen on their mobile screens.  The Arab sees himself and herself, her child and his father, his grandfather Ibrahim and her grandmother Ayesha in the brown bloodied bodies of the dead in Gaza. They see themselves in the blood and under the rubble.  Every bloodied baby in Gaza now evokes the image of Ali Asgar, the baby from Muhammad’s household who was mercilessly killed by the enemies of the Prophet (p.b.u.h).  They see the world powers against the people of Gaza and they remember how the world powers besieged their beloved Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)   and cut off all water and food supplies. It triggers a potent memory, a red memory that lives in the veins and brains of every Muslim in every part of the world. Every Muslim remembers this history and how the enemy starved Muhammad and the Muslims and at the same time tried to militarily wipe them out from planet earth. How his comrade, wife and friend Khadija died as a result of the starvation and siege.  They see the resilience and resistance of the women of Gaza and they see Khadija. They also remember Muhammad’s sacrifice and revolutionary defiance when all the odds and powers were stacked against him. They see the dismembered bodies of Palestinian men and they see the image of the hate that mutilated the body of Hamza, the valiant martyr and Uncle of Muhammad(p.b.u.h) who fell at the Battle of Uhud and Hussein the beloved nephew of Muhammad who bravely resisted injustice and tyranny and was killed in the bloody fields of Karbala.  As the war rages on, the narrative is evolving. The Arab street initially saw it as an Israeli war on Hamas, then an Israeli war on Gaza and now an Israeli war on Muslims and Arabs. They see and feel Islamophobia.

UNICEF regional director for the Middle East and North Africa, Adele Khodr has said that “The situation in the Gaza strip is a growing stain on our collective conscience. The rate of deaths and injuries to children are simply staggering”. The hypocrisy and double standards of the global governance is now apparent to the citizens of the world. Hundreds of thousands are protesting even in Washington and London against the unconscionable conduct of their leaders like Biden, Sunak and Starmer. The director of the New York office of the UN Commissioner for Human Rights, Craig Mokhiber left his post because of this hypocrisy and double standards.  Mokhiber said “Once again we are seeing a genocide unfolding before our eyes and the organisation we serve appears powerless to stop it”. He added “The current wholesale slaughter of Palestinian people, rooted in an ethno-nationalist colonial settler ideology, in continuation of decades of their systematic persecution and purging, based entirely upon their status as Arabs…leaves no room for doubt.” According to Craig Mokhiber “This is text book genocide” and the US, UK and much of Europe were not only “refusing to meet their treaty obligations”  under the Geneva conventions but also arming Israel’s assault and providing political and diplomatic cover for it. Biden and Sunak and the governments they represent are therefore complicit in this Israeli genocide. They should be hauled before the International Criminal Court and face justice. One should also point out that the Corporate and mainstream media apparatus of the West has also by and large provided cover for the Israeli war crimes by perpetuating the myth of the Palestinian resistance using human shields and essentially telling the world that the Palestinians are killing their own children. Yet the director of Al Shifa hospital has vehemently denied these allegations for weeks and publicly in the international media presented an open invitation to anyone and everyone to come to Al Shifa Hospital to investigate and see for themselves that there are no Hamas operatives stationed there. Surprisingly or maybe unsurprisingly no one has taken him up on his offer to have an independent investigation into the Israeli allegations relating to Al Shifa hospital and to have independent people come and see for themselves. Rather than an open and transparent investigation in the presence of independent third parties like the Red Crescent and the UN, the US simply reinforces the Israeli Narrative without presenting any evidence or sources of the alleged evidence to prove that Hamas is using Al Shifa Hospital as a military base. On the 14th November, medics reported that at least three babies at Shifa hospital died because they had to be taken out of the incubators which stop functioning because of no fuel. For a month medics were warning about this and appealing to the conscience of the world but the world led by the US allowed this infanticide to take its course by cutting of fuel, food and water to the people of Gaza.


The Washington Post just recently reported that one in every 200 people is killed in Gaza and that the killing of Gaza’s total population exceeds 0.5%. This fact is chilling to the core. Try to imagine if Palestinians killed 0.5% of Israelis. According to the World Odometer 2023, Israel’s population is 9 222,838. 0.5% of the Israeli population would amount to 46 129 people. Imagine if Palestinians killed forty six thousand and hundred and twenty nine Palestinians?  Central to this conflict is the Palestinian right to self-determination and the right to resist the Occupation, rights which are entrenched in international law.  Yet the corporate media narrative does not ever mention these fundamental human rights of the Palestinian. Have you ever heard the BBC or CNN talk about the right of Palestinians to resist and their fundamental right to self-determination? Why, because according to them the Palestinians are not human.  However from the streets of Caracas to Cairo and from Karbala to Kayelitsha, there is the clarion call by the people of the world that Palestinians are people. The streets are very much alive to the class character of this conflict. The richest nations of the world fighting and bullying the poorest people in Palestine. Unemployment in Gaza is at 45%, one of the highest in the world. More than 61% of Gazans are living below the poverty line.  Since October 7, an additional three hundred thousand people are living in poverty. Yes Mr Smotrich you and the Israeli Government have demonstrated your cruelty and hatred for Muslims. Starving more than two million people for more than a month, terrorizing and traumatizing them by bombing them relentlessly for more than a month, killing them deliberately and with precision guided weapons is all an expression of Israel’s cruelty.  Wael Dadouh, an Al Jazeera journalist whose wife and children were slaughtered by Israel made an insightful statement in the immediate aftermath of this killing when he said that “They, the Israeli’s try to hurt us by killing our children”. What Wael brought to the public mind is that the worst pain any person could experience is through the loss of their children, a parent would rather sacrifice her or his own life rather than the life of their child. But Israel could not break Wael and other Palestinians like him. In the immediate aftermath of losing his family, he said in defiance to Israeli Zionism that he will continue working to tell the Palestinian story to the world. This defiance of Wael and the Palestinians brings to mind the defiance and resistance of Hussein. Hussein saw his children killed by his enemies, his brother killed, his cousin killed, all of his household slaughtered but in spite of all this cruelty visited upon him, he didn’t buckle, didn’t surrender, he continued resisting his oppressors.