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MRN welcomes prisoner swap with Hamas.

The Media Review Network (MRN) welcomes the impending prisoner exchange agreement reached with the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas.

The agreement represents a colossal failure on the part of the Zionist entity to achieve its military goals in Gaza in terms of eradicating Hamas. In fact, the Zionist war cabinet stated early on that no prisoner exchange would happen but rather that the prisoners would be released through sheer military might and unparalleled intelligence gathering.

It demonstrates that Hamas is as strong as it has ever been. The only ‘achievement’ of the Zionist entity has been to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing on indigenous Palestinians in Gaza, something for which the Resistance will make it pay dearly.

To save face, the Zionist entity has said that the war will resume as soon as the four days have passed. However, Hamas knows full well that the war is still in its early days.

But the prisoner engagement agreement, 50 Zionist settlers for 150 indigenous Palestinians (all women and children), represents a major victory for the Resistance and will boost its morale.

Most of the indigenous Palestinians detained in the Zionist prison (77.7%) have been arbitrarily detained without charges or trial, that is, not from Hamas or Islamic Jihad. The list demonstrates the unity of Palestinians as well as its geographical and territorial integrity.

It is therefore very clear that the Zionist entity’s tactic of dividing indigenous Palestinians by geography, ideology, or affiliation has failed miserably.

The MRN reiterates its stance that Israel, as a settler colonial entity, has no right to ‘defend’ itself against the anti-colonial violence of indigenous Palestinians, in this instance Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

We pledge our full support to the Islamic Resistance in Gaza to liberate indigenous Palestinians from the cancerous Zionist entity.

Issued by:
Dr Ahmed Haroon Jazbhay
Executive Member
Media Review Network
South Africa