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Some of my son’s favourite things are on the boycott list.

I tried to explain to him in his own terms why we can’t buy those things anymore, saying “the money that we pay is being used to buy bombs and guns to shoot other babies.”

He hasn’t seen any of the horrific videos of explosions and dead children that are circulating; I didn’t want him to have nightmares about them.

I prepared myself for protesting, even tantrums. Instead, he accepted it immediately without a single complaint.

When we go to the shops, he remembers what I told him, reminds me that there are things we can’t buy because the money is used to kill “other babies,” and asks me what those things are that we can’t have.

If my 4 year old child can understand that killing children is wrong, then I’ve done my job as a mother.

It baffles me that grown adults with fully developed brains still struggle with the same idea.

Dr Fahima Dajee
Medical Doctor/Clinical Researcher, Baragwanath Hospital