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An Open Letter from South African Healthcare Workers to the Health Regulatory Bodies of South Africa and Institutions of Higher Education

As South African healthcare workers, we are joining our colleagues around the world
in condemning the human rights violations faced by the people of Palestine, and the
continued attacks on hospitals, healthcare workers and civilians by Israel. We are
witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe unfold in Gaza. There is no ethical justification
for the systematic and targeted attacks on Palestinian healthcare workers, facilities,
and patients. We therefore call on the HPCSA, CMSA, SAMA, institutions for higher
education and all other regulatory bodies to take a stand against the oppression faced
by the Palestinian people.

On the 12th of November 2023, the regional directors of UNFPA (United Nations
Population Fund), UNICEF and WHO released a joint statement collectively calling
for urgent international action to end the ongoing attacks on hospitals in Gaza. “We
are horrified at the latest reports of attacks on and in the vicinity of Al-Shifa Hospital,
Al-Rantisi Naser Paediatric Hospital, Al-Quds Hospital, and others in Gaza City and
northern Gaza, killing many, including children. Over the initial 36 days starting on
7th October, WHO has recorded at least 250 attacks on healthcare in Gaza, resulting
in 521 deaths and 686 injuries, including 16 deaths and 38 injuries of health workers
on duty. Attacks on medical facilities and civilians are unacceptable and are a
violation of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law and Conventions.”

The right to seek medical assistance is a human right and should never be denied,
especially in times of crisis. The WHO for Occupied Palestinian Territories office has
confirmed that more than half of the hospitals in Gaza are closed. Furthermore, those
still functioning are under massive strain and can only provide very limited
emergency services, lifesaving surgery and intensive care services. Shortages of
water, food, and fuel are threatening the wellbeing of thousands of displaced people,
including women and children. The unlawful blockade of water supply, sanitation
services and overcrowding will fuel outbreaks of infectious diseases. The scale of the
ongoing humanitarian crisis has also been highlighted by Médecins Sans Frontières.

The targeting of healthcare is not new when it comes to Israeli attacks against the
Palestinian civilian population. In 2009, Amnesty International published a 120-page
research paper titled ‘Israel/Gaza: Operation Cast Lead: 22 Days of Death and
Destruction’. Amnesty International concluded amongst other findings, breaching of
the Fourth Geneva Convention, and provided evidence of war crimes committed by
Israel. Similarly, in May this year, the WHO launched two reports, ‘Right to Health
2019-2021’ and ‘Palestinian Voices 2022-2023’. These reports outline how
fragmentation of the Palestinian people, implementation of a permit system, physical
barriers to movement, and buffer zones have caused health inequities and created
substantial barriers to healthcare provision and healthcare access in the occupied
West Bank, including east Jerusalem, and in Gaza.

A stark example of the disparity of the principle of universal and equal healthcare:
Israeli health practitioners regularly separate Israeli Jewish and Israeli Arab mothers
in maternity wards. According to an investigation published by public radio
broadcaster Israel Radio, in some hospitals it is an unofficial policy; at others the
segregation occurs at the behest of patients.

Aside from the Israeli government and military, we are concerned at the complicity of
certain Israeli healthcare professionals in selectively ignoring the Hippocratic Oath.
Israel has dramatically increased its use of solitary confinement for Palestinian
inmates (including political prisoners). A report from Physicians for Human Rights–
Israel (PHRI) found that Israeli healthcare professionals give solitary confinement “a
medical stamp of approval”, despite the World Medical Association Declaration of
Tokyo prohibiting physicians from taking part in torture or cruel punishment.

As South African healthcare workers committed to upholding the integrity of our
professions whilst advocating for human rights, we cannot remain silent whilst
hospitals, healthcare workers and patients are systematically and violently targeted.
Institutional pressure needs to be utilised; it is time to heed the call for an Academic
Boycott of Israeli institutions. We as the undersigned urge the institutions to join the
calls for an urgent and permanent ceasefire, an end to the illegal occupation of
Palestine and an end to the implementation of an apartheid system that has, for too
long, gone unchallenged by the international community.

Queries regarding this letter may be directed to Dr Aayesha Soni (+27735709944/ or Dr Tahir Dawood:

Signed by:

Professors and/or Heads of Department

¨ Professor Tyrone Pretorius, Vice Chancellor: University of Western Cape
¨ Professor Yogan Pillay, Director: Clinton Health Access Initiative South Africa;
previous Deputy Director-General of Health in the Department of Health, South
¨ Professor Lydia Cairncross, Head of Department: Surgery (University of Cape
Town/Groote Schuur Hospital)
¨ Professor Sithombo Maqungo, Head of Department: Orthopaedic Trauma Service
(University of Cape Town/Groote Schuur Hospital)
¨ Professor Sumaiya Adam, Clinical Head of Department: Obstetrics and
Gynaecology (University of Pretoria/Steve Biko Hospital)
¨ Professor Razeen Davids, Head of Department: Nephrology, Department of
Medicine, (Stellenbosch University/Tygerberg Hospital)
¨ Professor Usuf Chikte, Acting Head of Department: Community Health,
Department of Medicine (Stellenbosch University/Tygerberg Hospital)
¨ Professor Yasmin Adam, Clinical Head of Department: Obstetrics and
Gynaecology (University of Witwatersrand/Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital)
¨ Professor Sharon Kleintjes, Head of Division: Intellectual Disability, Department
of Psychiatry and Mental Health, Faculty of Health Sciences (University of Cape
¨ Professor Gregory Hussey Hussey, Previous Interim Dean of Faculty of Health
Sciences (University of Cape Town); Professor at the Institute of Infectious Disease
and Molecular Medicine and Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences.
¨ Professor Gonda l Perez, Previous Deputy Dean for Undergraduate Education
Faculty of Health Sciences (University of Cape Town)
¨ Professor Ashraf Coovadia, Head of Department: Paediatrics and Child Health
(University of Witwatersrand/Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital)
¨ Dr Neshaad Schrueder, Head: General Specialist Services: Medicine, Department
of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (Stellenbosch
University/Tygerberg Hospital)
¨ Professor Sue Fawcus, Head of Department: Mowbray Maternity Hospital
(University of Cape Town)
¨ Professor Sumaya Laher, Head of Department: Psychology (University of
¨ Professor Pradeep Navsaria, Deputy Head of Department: Trauma Unit
(University of Cape Town/Groote Schuur Hospital)
¨ Professor Ameena Goga, Previous Director: HIV Prevention Research Unit at the
South African Medical Research Council; Professor in Department of Paediatrics
(University of Pretoria/Steve Biko Hospital)
¨ Professor Michael Keith Hendricks, Emeritus Associate Professor of Paediatrics
(Western Cape)
¨ Professor Vera Scott, Senior Health System Researcher: Department of Public
Health (University of Western Cape)
¨ Professor Bob Baigrie, Department of Surgery (Retired- University of Cape
Town/Groote Schuur Hospital)
¨ Dr Sa’ad Lahri, President: College of Medicine of South Africa (Emergency
Medicine) (Western Cape)
¨ Professor Tracey Adams, Consultant: Gynaecological Oncology in Department of
Obstetrics and Gynaecology (University of Cape Town)
¨ Professor Razia Adam, Deputy Dean: Faculty of Dentistry (University of Western
¨ Professor Carla Tsampiras, Associate Professor of Faculty of Medical and Health
Humanities (University of Cape Town)
¨ Professor Ayesha Kharsany, Senior Scientist: Centre for the AIDS Programme of
Research in South Africa (University of KwaZulu Natal)
¨ Professor Tasleem Ras, Associate Professor: Department of Family Medicine
(University of Cape Town)
¨ Professor Shabir Moosa, President of African World Organisation of Doctors;
Family Medicine Specialist
¨ Professor Aneesa Vanker, Associate Professor: Department of Paediatric
Pulmonology (University of Cape Town/Red Cross War Memorial Children’s
¨ Professor Saadika Khan, Previous President: South African Division of the
International Association for Dental Research; Professor in Department of
Restorative Dentistry (University of Western Cape).
¨ Professor Yazied Chothia, Professor: Division of Nephrology (Stellenbosch
University/Tygerberg Hospital)
¨ Professor Shahed Omar, Adjunct Professor: Chemical Pathologist and Critical
Care Intensivist (University of Witwatersrand/Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital)
¨ Professor Wahbie Long, Professor: Clinical Psychology (University of Cape Town)
¨ Professor Shahnaaz Suffla , Associate Professor: South African Medical Research
Council (University of South Africa)
¨ Professor Hassan Mahomed, Consultant: Public Health Medicine Specialist
(University of Stellenbosch)
¨ Professor Elma De Vries, Professor: Public Health (Nelson Mandela University)
¨ Professor Ricky Behari, Physician and Intensive Care Specialist (Eastern Cape)
¨ Professor Yusuf Moosa, Adjunct Professor: Department of Psychiatry (University
of Witwatersrand)
¨ Professor Saleem Badat, Research Professor (University of Free State)

Specialist Medical Doctors
¨ Dr Aayesha Soni, Neurologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zaheera Soni, Anaesthesiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Azra Ghoor, Paediatrician (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Muhammad Saadiq Moolla, Pulmonology Fellow (Western Cape)
¨ Dr James Butler, Neurologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Arifa Parker, Infectious Diseases Specialist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zarina Sonday, Nuclear Physician/ Medicolegal Consultant (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Farzana Araie, Anaesthesiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohamed Faried Abdullah, Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Samantha Camp, Peadiatrican (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zaraina Solomons, Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ferhana Gool, Surgeon/Gastroenterologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sameerah Mahomed, Anaesthesiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mahomed amin Jeeva, Obstetrician Gynaecologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Rushdah Lariza Khan, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Atiyah Mayet, Anaesthesiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Haroun Ahmed, Orthopaedic Surgeon (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Rahel Kader, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Laurel King, Psychiatrist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Tasneem Mohamed, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Abu Mowlana, Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Professor Mpumelelo Daniel Bomela, Anaesthesiologist (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Morood Manie, Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Rashida Bagus, Anaesthesiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Moegammad Shukri Raban, Neonatologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zaheer Moonda, Orthopaedic Surgeon (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Nisaar Ahmed Korowlay, Nuclear Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zahra Surtee, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Dawood da Costa, Pathologist: Clinical microbiology (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Mariam Karjiker, Clinical courses convener Department of Psychiatry and Mental
Health UCT (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aisha Patel, Obstetrician and Gyanecologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Ahmed Saloojee, General Surgeon (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Sakeena Ebrahim, Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Maleeha Hussain, Endocrinology fellow (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mariam Isaacs, Anaesthesiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Yahya Atiya, ENT Surgeon (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Simpiwe Mose, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Gauteng)

¨ Dr Zeead Karani , Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mishkah Mahomed Mahomed, Anaesthesiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Najiba Sima, Anaesthesiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Chivaugn Gordon, Head: Undergraduate Obstetrics & Gynaecology Education,
University of Cape Town (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aziza Bawoodien, Family Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sanushka Naidoo, Paediatric Nephrologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Aysha Osman , Anaesthesiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Yasmin Mayat, Anaesthesiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Zeenat Dadabhay, Anaesthesiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Ayesha Wadee, Physician Rheumatologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Shainal Desai, Anaesthesiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Phillipa Penfold, Paediatric Anaesthesiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Shehnaaz Akhalwaya , Paediatrician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zainub Jooma, Intensivist/ Anaesthesiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Emma Clarence, Paediatrician (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Ahmed Elghobashy, Anaesthetsist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Zubair Asmal, Nephrologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr . Ebrahim Patel , Anaesthesiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Sameera Essa, Anaesthesiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Uzair Jooma, Paediatric surgeon (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Farhana Jassat, General Surgeon (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Adiel Webner, General Surgeon (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Bilaal Kadwa, General Surgeon (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Fatima Fazel, Clinical Haematologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Jamil Joomratee , Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Imraan Suliman, Radiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Haroun Patel, Urologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Eskander Alimia, General Surgeon (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mohammad Arif, Doctor. General surgeon (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sa-eeda Chippendale, Paediatrician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohammed Mayet, Emergency Medicine Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Muzzammil Ismail, Public Health Medicine Specialist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohammed Barbakh , General Surgeon(Gauteng)
¨ Dr Zaheer Dawood, Radiologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Naeem Brey Brey, Neurologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aadil Ahmed, Radiologist (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Hamid Munir, Specialist Surgeon, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Hassina Kajee, Specialist Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sadick Saban, Family Medicine Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zeenat Lenina Khan, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Gauteng)

¨ Dr Muhammed Moolla, Intensivist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Zakiyya Omarjee , Paediatrician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Samah El-boraei, Paediatrician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohamed Dawood Saloojee, Ophthalmologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shoyab Wadee, Physician (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Asma Salloo, Paediatric Intensivist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Natalya Dinat, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Lekwapa Mabela , Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Dhesan Neil Pillay, Paediatrician (Free State)
¨ Dr Aamina Hajee, Ophthalmologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mehnaaz Patel, Paediatrician (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Safeeya Osman, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Osman Ebrahim, Physician(Gauteng)
¨ Dr Sadiyya Sheik, Public Health Medicine Specialist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Feizal Haroon Ismail, Family Medicine Physician (Mpumalanga)
¨ Dr Nasrin Goolam Mahyoodeen, Endocrinologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Tayo Sulaiman, Orthopedic Surgeon (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Buhle Mqadi, Pathologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Esrom Motjela, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Ismail Vally , Maxillofacial Surgeon (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Thoriso Mashego, Anaesthesiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Kim Domingo, Psychiatrist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Harsha Patel, Neurologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Patience Monyatse, Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mahomed Rafeeq Jhetam, Ophthalmologist
¨ Dr A’ishah da Costa, Paediatrician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Fatima Moosa, Dermatologist (Free State)
¨ Dr Aboobaker Gani, Ophthalmologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Aysha Dawood, Paediatrician (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Raeesa Mahomed, Paediatric Cardiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Anees Laher, Paediatrician (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mardeyah Bassier , Paediatrician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Naseer Ally, Ophthalmologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Suwayba Adam, Anaesthesiologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Aneeqah Hendricks, Obstetrician and Gynecologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Muhammad Faadiel Williams, Psychiatrist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sarah Ismail, Opthalmologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Sheethal Ramsunder, Paediatrician (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Naima Hargey, Dermatologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Louis George Reynolds, Paediatrician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Indira Govender, Public Health specialist (KwaZulu-Natal)

¨ Dr Farhad Ebrahim, Radiologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Tannah Cleak, Paediatrician (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Fathima Deedat, Pathologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Anisa Bhettay, Anaesthesiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sanelisiwe Balfour, Paediatrician (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Safwan Nadvi, Psychiatrist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zaahir Ahmad Ebrahim Motala , Psychiatrist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nelandra Chetty , Paediatrician (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Bradley Browne, Paediatrician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aslam Amod, Endocrinologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Krishna Naidoo, Anaesthesiologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Hamza Aftab, Orthopaedic Surgeon (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Michelle Carrihill, Paediatric endocrinologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Alhaji Alusine Jalloh, Paediatric Neurologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Lesego Ndhlovu, Paediatrician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohamed R Ahmed ENT Surgeon (Mpumalanga)
¨ Dr Nazeer Ahmed, Physician (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Gary Roland Groenewald, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Johan Buitendag, General Surgeon (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Rizqah Johaar, Paediatrician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Stuart Jones, Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aaliyah Mahomed, Anaesthesiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Amaal Schroeder, Obstetrcian and Gynaecologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Krevosha Pillay, General surgeon (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Muhammed Zaki Shaik, Vascular Surgeon (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Tasneem Gallant, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Amima Sundas, Cardiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nivashini Murugan, General Surgeon (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Shakeel Hoosain, Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Venesh Moodley, Physician (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Stuart Maxwell Kroon, Paediatrician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Noor Mohamed Parker, Paediatric Intensivist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ellouise Adams, Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Atiya Mosam, Public Health Medicine Specialist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Waasila Jassat, Public health Medicine Specialist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Sarika Deosaran, Rheumatologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Velile Ngidi, Public Health Medicine Specialist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Charlene Annor, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Saleem Dawood , Cardiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Amaan Shabier Panday, Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shaheeda Sonday, General Surgeon (Western Cape)

¨ Dr Naheed Jasat , Radiologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Bradley Andrew David, General Surgeon (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Este Sauerman, Paediatrician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Astrid Turner, Public health Medicine Specialist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mish-Al Barday, Paediatrician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Faheema Parker, Physician and sub-specialist Geriatrician, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zareena Angamia, Physician (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nousheen Parker , Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Kamlen Pillay , Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ismail Soosiwala, Cardiologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Shakira Cassim , Paeditician (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Mohammed Aslam Parker, Gastroenterelogy Fellow (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Kashiefa Japtha, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Devina Govender, Pathologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Farhaad Khan, Paediatrician (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Fayzal Ahmed, Physician (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Fatima Khan, Paediatrician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shamiel Salie, Paediatric Intensivist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shireen Dhoodhat, Neuropsychiatrist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Hussein Pahad , Pulmonologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mohammad nasir Iqbal, Orthopaedic Surgeon (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Fatima Dangor, Psychiatrist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Azzaam Najjaar, Plastic and reconstructive Surgeon (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Kirthi Ramdhani, Paediatric Surgeon (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Fathima Mansoor, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ahmad Tayob, Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Lamees Ras, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Trevi Spence, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Yaseen Joolay, Neonatologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ayesha Mitha, Radiologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Amina Mahomed, Ophthalmologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Mohamed Farhaad Sacoor, Dermatologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Muhammed A Moosa, Dermatologist (Limpopo)
¨ Dr Mohammed Mitha, Pulmonologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Nonhlanhla Khumalo, Physician (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mahomed Cassim Kamdar, Pulmonologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Basil Brown, Physician (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Gregory Musson, Physician (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Kaveshin Naidu, Psychiatrist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Yumna Minty, Psychiatrist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Fathima Vawda, Radiologist (KwaZulu-Natal)

¨ Dr Tasnim Bana, Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Richard Sheridan Bryant, Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Thahir Mitha, Paediatrician (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Abubakr Essa, Cardiologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Nabil Khan, Orthopaedic surgeon , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Suraya Arbee, Radiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Imraan Ismail Asmal, Anaesthesiologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Kate Honger, Paediatrician (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Leana Loren Allie, Anaesthesiologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Sindy Tu, Pathologist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Colin Pfaff, Family Medicine Physician (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohammed Ishaaq Datay, Specialist Physician and PHC lecturer, UCT (Western
¨ Dr Zakira Mukuddem-Sablay, Paediatrician, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ayesha Noor Mohamed, Specialist anaesthesiologist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Sandra Ferandes, Neuropsychiatrist, Wits (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Samina Parkar , Dermatologist, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Abraham Jacobus Daniels, Paediatrician, (Eastern Cape)
Medical Doctors and Dentists
¨ Dr Tahir Dawood, MBChB (UCT) (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Salwah Salie, MBChB (Stell), (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sameera Patel, MBChB, UCT (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Tasneem Vally, Medical Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Rosa Jansen, Family Physician, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Saalikha Aziz, Medical Officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zaakira Syed, MBCHB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Halima Patel, Medical Intern, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aaishah Manan, Paediatric registrar, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ghadija Hayat , MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Malika Fakier, General Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zakiah Khan, Medical Doctor, University of Stellenbosch (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Muhammed Adil Khan, MBCHB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Suraiya Gangat, GP, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Kaneez Sayed , MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Laylah Ryklief, MBChB, UCT (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Nashreen Behardien, BChD, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Raghmah Davids, General Dentist, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ayesha Ebrahim, MBChB , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nafees Gierdien, MB ChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mashra Gani, Medical Dr, (Eastern Cape)

¨ Dr Halima Hayat, MBChB (Stell) , Private (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Tasleem Hassim, FCOG (SA), University of Stellenbosch (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shabbir Alekar , Medical doctor , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Farouk Patel , Medical Dr , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Moosa Parak, Medical Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Fadelah Solomon , MBChB, UCT (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Dr R A Noor Mohamed , Medical doctor,(Mpumalanga)
¨ Dr Masibonge Ndlela , Medical Dr, Samutu (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Rahisa Emam Saib, Medical doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Ayesha Parak , MBCHB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Patrick D’Andrea , Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shuaib Manjra Manjra, MBChB MMedSci, UCT (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Laeeqa Allie, Research medical officer, UCT (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Nisrat Rawoot , Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Laika Essa, MBChB, Wits (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Faheem Laher, Medical Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Haseena Gani, MBBCh, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nasreen Abrahams, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zainab Khan, Dr, (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Alexandra Francis Mould, Medical officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Wafiqah Lambarey , MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sumaya Sayed, Medical Officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Rufaro Machiri, Senior Manager, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Christa Wessels, Medical officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Farzana Baig Baig, MBChB, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Ilhaam Gabier, General practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Abubakr de Villiers, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Majedah Ismail, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shameema Patel, Medical doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Raisa Aysen, Surgical Registrar, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Joseline MC Donald, Medical Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Natashah Casker, MBCHB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Asief Ahmed, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Layla Bhikoo, MBCHB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aakifah Parker , Medical Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Nasheeta Theunissen , MBChB
¨ Dr Yumna Moosa, MBChB (UCT), (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Fahmeedah Khatib, Registrar in Anaesthesiology, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Junaid Hajat, MBCHB , (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Sajida Hajee, dentist , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Moosa Mohideen , Dr, Private (KwaZulu-Natal)

¨ Dr Haneem Schroeder , GP, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Humaira Bulbulia , Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Faheem Baba, Medical Doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Nazeer Ahmed Abdool, General Practitioner, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Naadir Khan, Anaesthesiology Registrar, Wits University (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Haniem Salie, Lecturer/Doctor, UCT (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shoayeb Shaik, Dentist , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zahiera Ismail, MBChB, University of Stellenbosch (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Azraa Mayet, Mbchb, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Muhammed Sheik, Registrar, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mohammed Yusuf Parker, MBChB (Stell), (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Tamilla Nieuwoudt, Doctor, (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Sakeena Hosanee , Medical officer in Orthopedics, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Nasreen Daniels, Internal Medicine registrar, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Malikah Hendricks, MBChB (UCT), (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mubeenah-Tayyibah Omar, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Anjana Thomas, Medical doctor, (North West)
¨ Dr Réghana Taliep , Dr, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Qudsiyyah Jabaar, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Nabeela Arbee-Kalidas, Registrar in anaesthesia, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr AK Peer, Consultant , (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Rahmat Bibi Bagus, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Raees Ebrahim, Medical officer Urology (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Ismaeel Tickley , Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mariam Vawda, Medical officer, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Fortunat Bagula, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Raeesa Gaibee Laher, General practitioner, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Naadirah Dhalech, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ahmed Bhyat, MBBCh, Private (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Nabeel Sima, Medical Officer, Mitchells Plain Hospital (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Jill Huang, MBChB, surgical registrar, WITS (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Sideeqa Jakoet, MBCHB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Nazira Cassim, MBChB, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Ayesha Jacub, General Practitioner, Private (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Fuziwe Zulu, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nazeer Ahmed Noor Mahomed, Doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Jayden Adams, Medical Officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Tish Magagula, Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Baker Ebrahim , Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Farid Saley , Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Kaashifah Ismail, Registrar, Obstetrics and Gynaecology (KwaZulu-Natal)

¨ Dr Faeeza Cassim, Medical Doctor, Wits University (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Koketso Pule, MBBCH, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Waheeda Jooma, Dr, MBCHB, Personal (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Tanya Richards, Medical Doctor , UCT (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Saaleha Baig, General Practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Jalaluddin Soni , Medical Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Fatima bibi yusuf Docrat , Medical doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Therona Naidoo, Medical officer, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Danielle Marguerite Bosman, Anaesthesiology registrar (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Hajira Hassim, Medical Registrar, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Harshal Mistry, Anaesthesia registrar, Wits (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Bilquis Hoosen , Doctor, HPCSA (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Mohammed Baaqir Korowlay , Medical Officer Psychiatry (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Fatima Chhaya , Medical Officer, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Faiza Dangor, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Muhammed Yaameen Adam, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Brett Penfold, Anaesthesia Registrar, UCT (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Moratuwa Mosia, Medical Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nazaakat Guzgay , Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Yacoob Vahed , MBBCh, (Free State)
¨ Dr Imtiaz Osman, Doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Taskeen Meeran, Medical officer, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Elaine Clarke , General Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Tasneem Fakie , Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Azeema Khan , Medical doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Khalid Khan, GP, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Fatima Peer , Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Khalid ebrahim, Medical officer, (North West)
¨ Dr Muhammad Osman, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Hassina Lockhat, Medical officer Anaesthesia , (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Reshma Badal, MBCHB, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Nazaaket Gaffoor, Medical Doctor,
¨ Dr Yusuf Osman, Medical doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Humayra Ismail , Dentist, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Annika Valjee, Medical officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sumy Thomas, Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Muhammad Wakeel Mathure, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zaid De Koning , Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Yusuff Omar, General Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Humaira Jasat , Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nadeem Alekar, General Practitioner, (Gauteng)

¨ Dr Uzayr Parak, Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Yahya Cassim Docrat , Medical doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Anthony Sheppard , Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Padaruth Ramlachan, Medical doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Mbavhalelo Madula , Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Fatima S, GP, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Raeesa Mahomed, Dentist, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Fahmida Shaik, Medical Practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Sarah Dalvie, MBCHB , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ameer Khan, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Waathiqah Wallace, Dentist, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Riyaz Mahomed , Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Rueda Ansary, General practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Shabana Rassool, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zaheera Rajah , Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Safiyah Mahomed , Dentist , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Aaishah Mayet, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nihaad Jacobs, Nuclear Medicine Registrar, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Adam Hernekar, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Kabelo Motlhale, Medical Practitioner, (North West)
¨ Dr Mishka Amod, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ismail Ravat, Registrar, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mariam Saloojee, General practitioner, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mohamed Carrim, Medical doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Nazim Sheik, Dentist, (Mpumalanga)
¨ Dr Rehana Surve, Dentist, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Noor Mahomed Joosab, Medical doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Mariam Phoplanker, Medical Office, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zaidah Solomon, Dentist, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Khatija Peer Dr , Dr General practice, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Nazier Natha, Dentist, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zaib Rasool, Dentist, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Woogandran Reddy , Medical Doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Farzana Goga , Dentist , (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Nuha Lalla, Medical Officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ameera Yusuf Essa, Dentist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Abdulsamad Nalla, Dentist,
¨ Dr Naeem Kathrada , Dentist , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Faheema Alli, Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Salma Ismail, Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Naeem Moosa , Dr, (Gauteng)

¨ Dr Abubakr Bodiat , Medical Doctor , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Tasneem Kharwa, GP, Private practice (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Arifah Roomaney , Dr, General practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Adnaan Vallie, Medical Officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Muhammad Yusuf Nanabhay , Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Junaid Paraze, Medical practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Haroon Mohamed Vorajee, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Matheena Mathir, Private practitioner,(KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Zaahid Goolam Kolia, Medical officer, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Shabana Kauchali-Taleb, General Practitioner, (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Hermann Reuter, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Farah Dawood, MBChB, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Omar Kadwa , Dr, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Nasir Meer, Medical Doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Rukesh Premduth Balgobind, Family Practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Mohammed Ahmed Moolla , General Practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Eesaa Docrat, Medical Officer, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Hawabibi Mohamed, Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Imraan Vawda , Medical Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohammed Irshaad Moosa, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Rubeena Cassim, MBBch, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Fareea Mahomed, Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Ilhaam Cerfontein , Dr, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Javeria Hussain , MBChB, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Farzanah Laher, Dentist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Naseeha Khan, Medical Doctor (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shivani Pillay, Family Medicine Clinician (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Aslam Sathar, PhD, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Mohamed shiraaz Shaikjee, Anaesthetic Associate,(Western Cape)
¨ Dr Patience Boshielo, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Asghar Ali Ali, MBBS
¨ Dr Zeenat Dhansay , GP, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Itumeleng Radebe, MBBch(WITS), (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Atiyya Patel, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Suresh Parbhoo, Family Practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Shirin Vawda , Dr, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Khutjo Kekana , Dentist , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Faizal Parak , Family practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Zaid Tayob , Dentist Implantology, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Valentino Radebe , GP, (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Rahim Khan, Medical practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)

¨ Dr Nafisa Ahmed Pandor, MBChB, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Abdool Karrim Jeewa, Doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Farzana Karjiker, Dentist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Humayra Noorbhai , Registrar internal medicine, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Zahraa Irafaan Saban, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sulaymaan Kajee, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Hassen Dhooma , GP, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Ismail Jajbhay , Clinical Manager, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Faheema Abdoola , MBChB, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Arshad Mota , Medical Officer , (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Ayesha Moola, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Yunus Motala , Family practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Faheema Ismail , Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Maurice Holland, General practitioner, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nabeelah Satar, General Practitioner, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Ansuyah Magan , Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Zainab Khota, Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Hafeeza Karani, General practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Ebrahim Variawa Variawa, Dentist, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Razia Hassan, Research Clinician, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Talat Habib, Medical Specialist
¨ Dr Chiara Sewnarain , Pediatric registrar, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Zakkiyah Patel, Doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Shahra Sattar, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sesi Grace Hlatshwayo, MBChB, (North West)
¨ Dr Sumayyah Ebrahim , Lecturer , University of KwaZulu-Natal (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Ameera Jhetam, MBChB, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Chanel Theron, Anaesthetic registrar, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nabila Goga, Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nihal de Vries, Dr , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Tasneem Osman, Medical officer, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Dr Maggie Mojapelo , Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr TB Ntsele, MBChB, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Nafisa Patel Patel, General Practitioner , (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Tawhirah Docrat tl, Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Ihsaan Ahmed, (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Zaheed Khan , MBChB, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Yumna Williams, MBCHB, Medical Registrar (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shirin Asmal Asmal, Doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Aqeela Chohan, General Practitioner, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nomfundo Cele , Medical Dr, (KwaZulu-Natal)

¨ Dr Philip Munda, Surgical Registrar, Wits (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Khalil Ahmed Sahib Dawood, Dentist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Sana Salduker, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohammed Yusuf Dangor, Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Fatima Moolla , Dentist, Private (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Imtiaz Khan, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ayesha Ismail, Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Yahya Nagdee, Private practitioner, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Sameer Kauchali , Occupational medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Raeesa Moolla, Dr, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Mohammad Nagdee, Dr, HPCSA (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nasreen Jassat, MBBCh, Wits (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Hilda Masvikwa , Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Hansraj Singh , Family Medical Practitioner , (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Aamina Ditta, Medical doctor, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Adhavna Bodasing , Medical doctor , (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Riya Rughubar, General Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shaidah Asmall, MB ChB ( Natal), (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Abdur Rahmaan Yusuff Parak, Medical Officer Anaesthesia , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Hoosain Khalfey, Dr, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Desiree Moodley, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Lamees Nagdee, Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mohammed Vahed, General practitioner, (Free State)
¨ Dr Delisha Naidoo, Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Krishna Vallabhjee Vallabhjee, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zama Volmink, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Naadira Alli, Paediatric Registrar, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mehnaaz Ally , Paeds Palliative care doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Najeeb Laatoe, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Waseema Daniels, Dentist , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ridwan Choonara , Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Ashley Murray, Medical Officer
¨ Dr Aadil Mohammed Nanabhay , Medical officer, (North West)
¨ Dr Faheema Khan, Registrar maxillo-facial surgery, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Elise de Kock, Medical Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mohammed Patel, Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Kairoonisha Mahomed, Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mahomed Nabee, Dentist, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Nadah Karriem, Medical doctor , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Hishaam Abrahams, Medical doctor, (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Yumna Gierdien, Dentist, (Western Cape)

¨ Dr Sadia Murray, Manager : Medical Services , UCT Alumni (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Lindsay Demes , Medical Doctor , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Azeem Walele , Paediatrics, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Suliman Ismail , MB.Ch.B, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Bielqees Salie, Dr, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aanisah Coopoo, Homeopathic practitioner,(Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Yusuf Moola , Medical doctor , (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Yunus Yakoob Vahed, General Medical Practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Faaria Kana, Dentist, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohamed Mulla, Doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Aasief Pillay, Medical doctor,v(Western Cape)
¨ Dr Waleed Ikram , Dentist , (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Riaz Ismail Ismail, Dr Medical Superintendent, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zahwa Jagot, Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Sameer Nadvi, Neurosurgeon, University of KwaZulu-Natal (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Marcina Singh, Researcher, University of Johannesburg (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zainab Kajee, Doctor , Ukzn (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Sadiyya Haffejee, Psychologist , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Ammaarah Ahmed, Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nawaal Gallie, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Armaan Ujra, Doctor Advisor: Child and Adolescent Health, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Naadira Omar, Dentist, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Diego February , Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Samari Blomerus , Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Reno Morar, Public Health Medicine , (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Shehnaz Moosa, Dr, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zane Ismail, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr S’bongiseni Mashinini , Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Oethman Khan , Medical officer , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Fatima Dinat , Medical doctor , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Rukeya Kader, Medical Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Radhia Hassiem , MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aaliya Khan, Doctor , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Darika Chetty , Doctor , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Amina Dar, Medical Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Savanah Smith, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohamed Ahmed Seedat, Medical practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Mariambibi Patel , Medical doctor , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nathirah Bosch , Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Liaquat Khan, Medical practitioner , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Salehah Safla, Paediatric Registrar, (KwaZulu-Natal)

¨ Dr Natasha Lalloo, MBCHB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mamosilo Lichaba , MPhil, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Kirti Patel, Medical doctor , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Raeesa Murray , Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Laila Collier, Registrar in Anaesthesiology, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohamed Manga , Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Kurtley Du Plessis, Medical Officer, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Ahmed Mohamed Nanabhay, Medical officer, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Iman Sultan-Peters, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mohamed Goga, Medical practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Fatima-Zahra Khan, Registrar, Obstetrics and Gynaecology , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aqeel Wadee, Emergency medicine medical officer, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Caris Jones, Paediatric Registrar, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zainab Karaan, Paediatric Registrar, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Nouraine Yachad, MBChB, Wits (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Layla Khan , GP , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Jani Marais, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Gabriel Urgoiti, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ayesha Chothia , Dental Surgeon, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Aamina Peer , MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Haroon Rasheed Abbasi , Medical practitioner , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Khayaal Chetty, Medical Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Tasneem Cassim, MBChB, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Rasool Sheik, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Riyaaz Barday , Dental surgeon, (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Aarifah Motala , General Practitioner , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Charl Botha, Paediatric Registrar, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Clarissa Leo, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Themba Ncube, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Ayesha Ryklief, Paediatric Registrar, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Yunus Saley, General Practitioner , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Farzana Ahmed, MBChB , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mantombi Mkhize, MBBCH, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Azhar Dawood, Registered Medical Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Anrike Krause , Medical Officer, (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Mikaeel Amod, Medical Practitioner, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nadira Govender , Occupational Health Physician , (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Martha Shongolo, Medical Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Robert Cloete, Paediatric Registrar, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Lester Muller , Medical Practitioner, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Fatima Wookay , Medical officer, (Western Cape)

¨ Dr Fatima Bhabha, Medical officer, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Anisa Pandor, Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Aadilah Domingo, Medical Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Layla Cassim, General Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohammed Goga , Dental surgeon, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Mohammed Yusuf Docrat , Consultant , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Aneeka Domingo, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Rizqoh Sydow, Dentist , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Maryam Zakeya Jakoet, Paediatric Registrar, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shehnaaz Begum Hassan, Medical Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohamed bhikhoo Bhikhoo , General practice , None (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Sibongile Mtolo, Psychiatry registrarGauteng)
¨ Dr Zainab Gangat, Dentist , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ahmed Badat, Psychiatry Registrar , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Ndumiso Zwanwe, Registrar,(Gauteng)
¨ Dr Channing Rösener , Clinical medical officer , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Fatima Karjiker, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ayanda Xiphu, Medical doctor, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Sarah Hage, MBChB, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Rehana Minty, Lecturer, Academic: University of Johannesburg (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Shadia Suliman, Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Kamilah Nadvi, Dr, GP (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Muhammad Qasim West, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Soliegah Gabriels , General Surgery Registrar, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aysha Gasant Gasant, Medical officer , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aqeelah Amien, Dermatology Registrar, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Masudah Paleker, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Yasmin Kahn, MBCHB, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Ismail Rawat , Dentist , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Faatimah Khan , Medical officer, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Luqman Sikander, Medical officer , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Fatima Jacobs, MBCHB , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Saffiya Variawa, MBChB: registrar paediatric surgery, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Desiree Mariam Navsa, Private GP (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shaazia Allie, MBCHB, Lecturer and convenor (UCT), (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mliya Ali, Medical intern, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Keish De Gouveia, Medical Officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Khadijah Jaffer, GP, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shetil Nana, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Waseem Valley, MBCHB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Tasneem Esack, MBChB, (Western Cape)

¨ Dr Nabeela Toufie, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Laylah Fredericks , MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Suwayda Ahmed , Dentist , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Jessica Taylor Taylor, MBCHB (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Taryn Koopman, Medical Doctor,(Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Raeesa Chand, Medical officer, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nadia Bhikoo, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ntoetse Lerotholi , Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Thaabit Davids, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Fathima Shaikh, General medical practitioner, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Zakeera Taliep-Angus, Medical officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Yusuf Mitha, Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Shaahid Kajee, Emergency Medical Practitioner, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Sean-Phillip Fourie, Emergency Medicine Medical Officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Krisnah Keyser , Medical doctor , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mienaaz Dalvie, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Geoffrey Modise, PHM Registrar, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Amina Ismail Essa, Doctor, MBBCh (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Phuluso Munyai, MBChB, (Limpopo)
¨ Dr Fazill Patel, Dental Surgeon , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Hanaan Booley, Doctor, MBChB , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Lika Blaauw, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ithra Matlala , Medical doctor , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nabeelah Shaboodien, Clinical Medical Officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sultana Suliman, Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Saeeda Benjamin , General Practitioner , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Halima Zalgaonkir, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sumaya Said, Medical officer, Tygerberg Hospital (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Manahil Malik, MBChB (Stellenbosch), (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sameera Nanabhay, Medical doctor , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Sahrah Warley, MBChB (UCT), (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Farid Moolla, medical practitioner, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Leila Amien, Medical Doctor (MBChB), (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Yousha Mohamed, Medical Officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohammed Kaskar, Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nadia Hamdulay , General Practitioner , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Anwar Cassimjee , Dentist , (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Nazeer Alli, Consultant, Wits university (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Hloni Bookholane, MBChB,(Gauteng)
¨ Dr Zina Duane Johnson , Medical Officer , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Feroza Arbee , Medical specialist , (Gauteng)

¨ Dr Saajida Moosa, Surgical registrar, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Kimberley McDonald , Medical Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Fatima Sirkhotte, MBChB, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Ibrahim Moosajee , MBBCh, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Kelly Daniels, GP, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sabiha Jhetam , General practitioner , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Tasneem Khan-Hassan , Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nazrana Zalgaonkir , MBChB (Stell) , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Fathima Peerbhay, Senior Lecturer, University of Western Cape (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Renee Usdin, MBCHb MFhom DOH, GP (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Bilqees Kader, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Valerie Mlotshwa, Research Medical Officer, (North West)
¨ Dr Emily Ariane Fogel , Medical officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Leeyen Singh , Medical intern, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Azizah Masoet, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zahra Coovadia , Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr James van Duuren , MBChB, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Shereen Usdin, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Azhar Rylands , Medical Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aslaam dawood Mahomed, Medical doctor, Sama (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Ayesha Jacobs, MBChB medical officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zaayid Omar, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aadil Kader, Medical doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Tasneem Fredericks , MBCHB , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Peter Benjamin, Director , HealthEnabled (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Nasreen Hamdulay, Medical Officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Samantha Dladla , MBCHB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sharafit Ismail, Dental Surgeon, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shabir Ahmed Moolla, General Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Nurjaan Brinkhuis, Dr, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zaheera Nagdee, MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Yusrah Parker, Medical Officer, MBChB(Stell) (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Salmah Datay , Medical Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Husamuddin Omar, Dr, Research medical officer (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Lara Hornby, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sage Gerdharee, Medical Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Muhammed Abader, MBChB, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Feroza Amien, Lecturer , University of Cape Town (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mubarak Allie Sulaiman , Lecturer , University of the Western Cape (Western
¨ Dr Ayoob moosa vally Ahmed, Medical doctor , (Western Cape)

¨ Dr Natasia Marques , Psychiatry registrar , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Rabiah Gabriels, MBChB UCT, General Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Feroza Mohammed, MBBCH, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Martha Kolobe, Medical practitioner, (Limpopo)
¨ Dr Mamello Ntsele, Dr, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Ilhaam Eaack, Family Medicine Registrar, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ebrahim Martin, Medical Doctor , HPCSA (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Muhammed Ejaz Khan, Medical Doctor
¨ Dr Lameze Parker, Doctor,(Western Cape)
¨ Dr Moghammed Ardiel Kamedien, General Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Moeen Omar, Medical doctor, (Mpumalanga)
¨ Dr Bronwen Moses , MBChB , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Chanell Marthinussen, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Tamarra Subramony, Medical Doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Asmaa Mohamed, MBChB (UCT), (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Meagan Elisabeth Lewis, Medical doctor
¨ Dr Suhail Abdoola, Medical Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Farzana Singh, MBCHb, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mikhail Kleinsmidt, Medical Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Naeem Osman, Doctor , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Frances Erasmus, Medical officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mawadda Cassiem-Majal , Medical advisor (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Rhanda Mongwe, Doctor , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Timothy Haji-Joannou, Neurosurgery Registrar, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nidashia Sheik , Medical doctor (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Astrid Kuppan Luke, Community service Medical officer, (Limpopo)
¨ Dr Nazeerah Omar Hassan, Medical Doctor – community service, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mariam Alli, Dr,
¨ Dr Siphosihle Msutu , Medical officer, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Anisa Essop, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Chriselda Pillay, Public Health Medicine Registrar , UCT (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sheila Lubega, Public Health Medicine Registrar (UCT), (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aaisha Haffejee , Medical officer , (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Muniera Ahmed, GP, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aneesa Sheik, Medical Doctor, GP, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Cain Khosa, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Roshan Khan Sarguro, Medical assistant, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shaakira Ismail, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mohammed Bray, Medical Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail, Doctor- Emergency Medicine, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Kajol Dudukay , Medical officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Madelie Wahl , Medical officer , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shamsuddin Imamdin , General Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Nabeelah Simons, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Muhammed Alli, Medical Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Saajida Khan , Medical Doctor , (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Mohammed Rahmtoola , MBBCH, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Naai-rah Mohamed, Medical doctor, (North West)
¨ Dr Laeeqah Van der Schyff, Community Service Doctor (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mathu Rangan, Orthodontist , (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Wesley Du Plessis, MBChB, Medical Registrar, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Nabilah Ebrahim, Internal Medicine Registrar, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Priyesh Makanjee, Dentist, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Devon Fortuin, Medical Officer , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Paul Mathai, Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Jonathan Gareth Tainton, Medical doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Adeeb Saban, Doctor , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Patrick Alexander Lazarus, Dentist, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Abdul Kader Bhabha , Medical Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Gadeeja Omar, Dr , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Nadeem Cassimjee, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ashraff Moosa, Medical Doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Shabbeer Hassim , Dental surgeon, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Tevarus Naicker, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aziz Ahmed Moosa, MBChb (Natal), IPA (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Muhammad Mathee, Dr, Senior Lecturer, University of Johannesburg (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Selvaraj Padayachee, Health Care Provider, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Bhavik Daya, Medical Officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Rabia Cariem, Medical officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Tasanya Nomaliso Chinsamy , Medical Doctor (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Alia Allie, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Marcelia Theron, Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Riaz Karim, Medical Practitioner, HCW4P (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Junayd Sadien, Dr,(Western Cape)
¨ Dr Fasloen Adams, Senior lecturer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Azhar Haroon Gangat, Medical Doctor , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Shafick Ismail , GP, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ebrahim Hoosain , Medical Officer, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Tahera Essay, Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Rozleigh Rene Roman, Medical Doctor , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aqeelah Dramat, Medical Officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Kayla Simone Kroneberg, MBChB (Western Cape)

¨ Dr Zaheda Bhabha , MBBCH, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mohammed Zaakir Parker , Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Muhammad khan Munir, Medical practitioner
¨ Dr Sameenah Kadodia, Medical doctor, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Farhana Mansoor , MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Kent Pluke, Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ridwaan Ridwaan, MbChB (UCT) (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zanenkululeko Belot, Medical Doctor , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Luqmaan Mohamed, Emergency medical officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Muhammad Mehtar, Doctor , (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Fadwa Fakier, Medical intern, (Eastern Cape)
¨ Dr Najeebah Kareem, Medical Officer, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Koogan Moodley, GP, (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Tshepo Dibotelo , Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Saaleha Ismail Sooliman , Medical doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Farheen Ghoor, MBBCh, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Tumelo Louisa Sopeng, Medical Intern, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Neelum Mohamood , MBChB (Stell), (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Reezwana Cassim , Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nabeel Allopi, Regiatrar, General Surgery (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Noorudin Salie, Dentist, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Khudaija Suliman, Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Yasmin Osman , MBchb, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Ilhaam Abrahams , Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Nadia Khan , Dentist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Salih Solomon, Dr, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Fareda Jakoet-Bassier, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shaakirah Jardine, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ayesha Rahbeeni, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Jennifer Durandt , Family doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Maalika Brown, Medical Doctor , (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zahroh Gabriels , General Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Sadiya Nanabhay , Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Zubayr Abrahams , Medical Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Iman Petersen , MBChB, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aqeela Khan Patel, Dentist, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nazeera Kathrada, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Muhammad Moosa, Medical doctor, (Northern Cape)
¨ Dr Nafisa Khan, Medical Doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Ubaidah Asmal , Dentist , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Bibi Aysha Bhyat, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)

¨ Dr Yasmeen Akhalwaya, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Zahira Abdurahman, Medical doctor, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aaseema Mugjenkar , General Practitioner, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Saajidah Gaibie, Ophthalmology Registrar, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Shaakirah Gamieldien, Dental Surgeon, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Neelufar Samsodien , Medical officer, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shaheena Banoo Malek , General Medical practitioner, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Adneem Edwards, MBChB UCT, (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Mishqa Jakoet, MBCHB , Stellenbosch (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Vuyiswa Kumalo , Public Health Medicine Registrar, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Nonhlanhla Lunga, Dr, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Mohamed Vahed Vahed, Dentist, SADA (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Basiame Phetlhe, Medical doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Quraisha Motala, Medical Doctor, (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Ashraf Moti , Medical doctor , (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Tyesha Reddy, Medical doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Nasreen Jamal, Dr, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Nafisa AbbasThayab , Medical officer, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Maseeha Mahomed Farouk Ansermeah , Medical Officer, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Gunseli Malleck, Medical doctor, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Fumane Thejane, Dr, (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Dr Mirriam Patel, Medical doctor,(Gauteng)
¨ Dr Julia Parrish Parrish, Medical doctor, (Eastern Cape)
Allied Health Professionals (Clinical and educational psychologists; pharmacists;
optometrists; nursing sisters; occupational therapists; physiotherapists; speech
therapists and audiologists; bio kineticists; dieticians; radiographers; medical students)
¨ Ms Fathima Zehra Khan, Occupational Therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Soraya Louw, Occupational therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Tasneem Ouldammar, Medical student, Stellenbosch University (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Nasreen Allie, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Shakeela Cassiem, Medical student (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Mahmooda M, Pharmacist (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Mogammad Faadiel Salaam, Paramedic (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Achmat Isaacs, Education support (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Asiya Sonday, Medical student (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Zaidah Schrueder , Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Naseema Osman, Oral hygienist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Kouthar Arendse, Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Farhaana Ebrahim , Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Mumtaz Sheik, Pharmacist (Gauteng)

¨ Mr Sameer Rahim, Physiotherapist
¨ Ms Dawn Alice Lynette Goodley, Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Gugulethu Mlangeni, Midwife (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Fundiswa Matyala , Registered nurse (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Salma Patel, Pharmacist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Azwihangwisi Maluleke, Nurse (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Raeesa Asvat, Ultrasound Radiographer (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Fatgiya Smith, Nuclear Medicine Radiographer (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Xivutiso Mashimbye , Dietitian (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Shamiela Davids, Chief Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Zunaida Van Harte , Diagnostic Radiographer (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Moegamat Adeeb Samsodien, Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Sameer Brown, Physiotherapist (Eastern Cape)
¨ Ms Rozaana Latiff, Diagnostic radiographer (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Ayesha Bhyat, Biokineticist (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Mohammed irfaan Dalvie, Pharmacist (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Muzzammil Tayob, Student MBBCH 3 (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Mirriam Lambat , Occupation therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Ayesha Hoosain, Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Aqeela Khan, Pharmacist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Basheerah Mayet, Pharmacist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Sara Moosa, Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Yazeerah Bhana, Pharmacist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Nasreen Dursot, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Soraya Hendricks, Enrolled Nurse (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Aaliah Kader, Ultrasonographer (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mr Marcel Blignaut, Medical Student (MBBCh) (Mpumalanga)
¨ Ms Naadirah Hoosain, Dietitian (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Attiya Dadabhay, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Imrah Isaacs, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Taahirah Choonara, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Farzaanah Collins, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Yumna Cassim , Speech therapist and Audiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Nazreena Hassim, Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Anneri Meintjed, Academic developer: Faculty of Health Sciences (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Maryam Sacoor, Medical Student (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Zeenath Akoob, Pharmacist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Lubnaa Dawood , Dietitian (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Mohammed Azeem Shaik, Podiatrist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Maheerah Gamieldien, Radiographer, Nuclear Medicine (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Nazly Booysen , Registered Nurse (Gauteng)

¨ Mr Umesh Bawa, Clinical Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Ra’ees De Witt, Medical Student, University of the Witwatersrand (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Farhana Ahmed, Dietitian (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Mumtaaz Akoojee, Speech therapist and Audiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Lane Benjamin, Clinical Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Ghodeejah Alexander, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Ayesha Malagas, Social Worker (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Taskeen Fathima Docrat , Research scientist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Nombongo Nanise, Nurse (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Zakiyya Gama, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Khadija Bhoja, Pharmacist (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Mohamed Shah, Medical Student, University of The Witwatersrand (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Misbah Hoosen, Medical Student (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Suntosh Pillay, Clinical Psychologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Sabeeha Dangor, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Hyder Sablay, Pharmacist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Tasneem Dalvie , Dietician (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Yumna Majiet , Nursing sister (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Fathima Kadwa, Optometrist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Tasleem Sayed, Social Worker (North West)
¨ Ms Shanaaz Kajee, Optometrist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Afua Siphokazi Aryetey, MBChB student (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Mariam Salie, Clinical psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Gadija Roshan, Clinical Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Zaaheda Adam , Pharmacist(North West)
¨ Mrs Fatima Ismail, Clinical Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Zeenat Saloojee, Optometrist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Tasneem Johnson-Dollie , Dietician (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Faatima Mahomed, Radiographer (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Fatemah Camroodien-Surve, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Fayaadh Dhansay, Biokineticist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Fazlien Solomons , Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Nurain Tisaker, Clinical Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Zarina Valiallah, Optometrist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Maryam Khan Waglay, Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Watheeqa Issack, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Aneesa Allie, Dietitian (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Alice Gelderblom Waddilove, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Mohamed Jaram, Pharmacist (Eastern Cape)
¨ Mr Isgak Ismail, Pharmacist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Shaheda Noordien, Professional nurse (Western Cape)

¨ Ms Tasmiyah Mahomed , Pharmacist
¨ Ms Tasneem Cassiem, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Tasneem Mosam, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Caryn Kemp, Occupational Therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Gafsa Kamedien , Radiographer (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Aadila Cajee, Radiographer (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Marquard Simpson, Health Sciences Faculty Manager , Faculty of Community
and Heatlh Sciences, UWC (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Hafsah Aswani, Pharmacist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mr Tameez Kana , Medical Student (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Ali Chicktay , Pharmacist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Maaliyah Orrie Jakoet, Academic (Speech-Language Pathology) (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Rizeeka Ahmed , Diagnostic Radiographer (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Aaliyah Isaacs, Physiotherapy Student (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Dimpho Karabo Mathibe, Occupational Therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Kira Lane Parenzee, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Basheera Surty, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Hlubi Ntamehlo , Nurse (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Aneeqah Ismail Brown, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Ebrahim Moola, MBBCH 5, student (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Nafeesa Patel , Pharmacist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Naseema Shaik, Clinical supervisor (UWC) Msc OT student (UCT) (Western
¨ Ms Pulane Mofotise , Occupational therapist (North West)
¨ Mr Rezaan Suliman, MBBCh II student (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Nashieta Davids, Occupational therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Naadira Khan, Counsellor (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Neetha Morar, Social Worker (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Tasneem Amla , Nurse (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Abeedah Hendricks-Lalla , Clinical Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Maite Kgatla , Professional Nurse (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Sumaya Bougaard, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Nazira Bee Yasin, Medical Technologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Faiza Dawood Allibhai, Optometrist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Sumayya Bhyat, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Lameze Abrahams, Clinical Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Zaid Ganie, Medical student (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Yusra Atia, MBChB Student, Stellenbosch University (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Abdool Rashid Hassim, Optometrist (Limpopo)
¨ Ms Ashley Van Heerden, Clinical Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Aadila Kajee, Nuclear Medicine Radiographer (Western Cape)

¨ Mrs Shafeeqah Nana, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Olehile Bada Pharasi, Pharmacist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Yasmin Ahmed , Optometrist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Desre Bates, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Abdool Qadir Sader, Pharmacist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Thato Letsatsi, Clinical Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Jade O’Shea, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Nabeelah Hassan, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Aadiela Suliman , Optometrist (Limpopo)
¨ Rafeehah Amiroodien , Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Shabbier Motala , Optometrist (Limpopo)
¨ Mrs Saadia Jantjes, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Sadia Essat, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Laeeqa Sujee, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Shazia Basseer , Medical technologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Ayesha Moola, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Johanna Deka, Clinical Social Worker (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Habib Kagee, Educational Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Asirah Ahmed, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Tabassum Chicktay, Assistant Pharmacy Manager (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Aamena Laher, Occupational Therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Fadia Gamieldien , Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Nasrin Kirsten, Psychologist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Saabierah Towfie, Clinical Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Alexa Smit, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Tasleema Najaar, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Aqeelah Adams, Speech-Language Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Zahraa Waja, Occupational Therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Shaista Moideen, Physiotherapist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mr Mahomed Zahir Haniff , Pharmacist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Mariam Maged , Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Naeema Parker , Clinical Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Tiara jardine Sarjoo, Physiotherapist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms SABEEHA SUBAN, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Hassen Bhayat, Biomedical technologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Nazlie Luyt, Registered Nurse (Eastern Cape)
¨ Ms Aneesah Moolla, Optometrist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Naseeha Sujee, Occupational Therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Farahnaaz Suliman, Pharmacist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Charmaine Dliwayo, Registered Nurse (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Firdous Parker, Occupational Therapist (Gauteng)

¨ Ms Madiegah Kamaar, Social Worker (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Sumaya Abrahams, Biokineticist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Tasneem Vally, Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Ruqayyah BD Abels, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Rushdah Hartley, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Karishma Reddy, Registered nurse (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Fatima Ally, Audiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Adila Hassan, Oncology Pharmacist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Bridget Lloyd, Registered nurse (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Zeinab Osman Osman, Registered Counselor (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Sameenah Kader, Occupational therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Rumana Moosa , Pharmacist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Mardhiya Mosam, Occupational therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Amina Thandekile Mdluli Mbonane, Pharmacist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Safiyya Hoosen, Pharmacist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Asmaa Mustapha, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Gafsah Martin, Professional Nurse (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Penelope Mahlasela , Professional Nurse (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Liesl Peters, Senior Lecturer, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Aneesah Laher, Speech Language Therapist and Audiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Radesh Chandrabhaon, AD: OH&S, health and safety practitioner (KwaZuluNatal)
¨ Mrs Raeesa Verachia, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Steven-Jörg Hohlfeld , Physiotherapist and epidemiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Toni Abrahams , Clinical Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Nabeelah Hassim, Bio kineticist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Baheya Salie, Dietitian (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Nasreen Malek, Clinical psychologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Olebogeng Makhudu , Professional Nurse (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Nasreen Jaffer, Dietician (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Shakeelah Essa, Occupational Therapist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Zainub Saloojee, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Fouziah Kajee, Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Aimee Isaacs, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Yusuf Jina, Optometrist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Ayesha Shariff , Pharmacist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Tara Ruiters , Physiotherapist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Rizwana Ahmed , Clinical Psychologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Ilhaam Hoosen, Occupational therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Sheereen Azad, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Ayshaa Arend, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)

¨ Ms Imaan Mahomed , Physiotherapist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Aaliyah Lockhat, Pharmacy Student (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mr Junaid Khan, Optometrist (Eastern Cape)
¨ Mrs Ghaseenah Chilwan, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Husna Paruk , Optometrist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Zaheera Paruk, Optometrist (Eastern Cape)
¨ Ms Sherine Singh, Optometrist (Eastern Cape)
¨ Ms Nirosha Moolla, Educational Psychologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Steffni Albertyn , Occupational therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Imraan Paruk, Optometrist (Eastern Cape)
¨ Ms Divishya Reddy, Pharmacist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Khairunnisa Khan, Industrial Psychologist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs ASMA OMAR, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Firdowz Parker , Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Nausheena Dalvie, Optician (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Ayeshah Jada, MBChB student, Stellenbosch University (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Farzaana Ameeroedien , Registered Dietitian (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Hussein Nabi, Medical Student (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Neo Talenyane, Clinical Psychologist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Zahrah Gaffoor, Medical student (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Iman Dalwai, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Zareena Dalvie-Ahmed, Pharmacist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Ayesha Royker, Optometrists (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Yumna Teladia , Oral Hygienist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Katharine Hofmeyr, Occupational therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Azra Bux, Radiographer (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Zaitun Rassool, Occupational Therapist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Shamim Khan , Physiotherapist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mr Abdul Hamid Khan, Pharmacist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Waseema Davids, Occupational Therapist
¨ Mrs Sabira Khatieb , Radiographer (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Ruqayya Hassim , Optometrist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Naazneen Ebrahim , Occupational Therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Fadilah Haroun, Nurse (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Ameera Ebrahim, Social Worker (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Thaveshen Chetty, Physiotherapist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Raeesa Patel, Occupational therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Aarifah Ballim , Occupational Therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Shanaaz Solomon, Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Louisa Van Romburg , Social Worker (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Zayyaan Dalvie, MBCHB- student (Western Cape)

¨ Ms Shamima Paruk Paruk , Optometrist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Nurahn Abdurahman, Pharmacist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Fatima Peters, Hospital CEO, Public Health (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Asheeqah Adams, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Robyn Oakes, Nurse (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Shelby Weyer, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Mariam Imran Choonara , Speech and Therapist and Audiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Tasneem Rakiep , Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Hauwa Jaffer, Pharmacist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Samara Ragaven, Clinical Psychologist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Asisipho Siko, Student social worker (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Shariefa Goliath, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Naeema Bawa, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Dhaakirah Abbass, Student Social Worker (Western Cape)
¨ Mr MSI Patel , Optometrist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Faathimah Ismail, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Carien Elizabeth Jacobs, Occupational therapist
¨ Ms Kamogelo Monakali , Radiographer (Free State)
¨ Ms Safiyya Koor , Occupational therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Fizza Shirmeen, MBBCh 2 student (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Taskeen Rasool , Medical student (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Razia Essack, Pharmacist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Nabeeha Nanabhay, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Shireen Sonday, Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Wazira Khan, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Shainaaz Parker, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Fairooz Sedick, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Gadija Parker, Pharmacist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Aasiyah Karriem, Registered Dietitian (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Faaiza Desai , Speech Therapist and Audiologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Engela Prinsloo, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Ghumayrah Aziz, Dietitian (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Aaqilah Jappie, Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Zurainah Gierdien, Radiographer (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Abdurazaak Abdol, Optometrist (Eastern Cape)
¨ Mrs Koshil Jamaloodeen, Professional nurse (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Carol Lennon, Clinic and Outreach Nurse (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Mohamed Yasin Essop, Medical Student, Stellenbosch University (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Najma Yusuf, Pharmacist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Nishaat Parker, Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Terri-Ann Abrahams-Curry, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)

¨ Mrs Rasheeqa Barodien , Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Zohra Mahomed, Pharmacist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Zohra Ismail Sooliman , Psychologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Khadija Sader, Oncology Pharmacist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Halima Vaid, Birth doula (Mpumalanga)
¨ Mr Abdool Razak Osman , Pharmacist (Mpumalanga)
¨ Mr Ismail Moola, Optometrist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Humayra Hashim Gardee, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (Mpumalanga)
¨ Ms Zeenat Bham, Optometrist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Aneesa Asmaljee, Optometrist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Ammaarah Akhalwaya , Physiotherapist (Mpumalanga)
¨ Ms Zaakirah Mohamed, Educational Psychologist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Aneesa Karodia, Psychologist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Najeebah Noorbhai , Clinical Psychologist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Naadhira Loonat-Bagdadi, Counselling Psychologist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Zainub Cassoojee, Psychologist (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Husain Ismail, Psychologist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Aaliya Bagus, Industrial Psychologist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Farzana Ismail, Pharmacy student (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Tasneem Abrahams, Occupational Therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Naadira Suliman, Dietitian (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Raheema Ravat, Occupational Therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Nabeela Brown, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Thaakirah Adams, Occupational therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Shafieka Moos, Social Worker (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Noorjehan Joosub, Psychologist (Gauteng)
¨ Dr Rahima Mohamed-Patel , Psychologist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Haadiyah Slamdien, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Abdool kader Suliman, Pharmacist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Saadiya Adam, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Aamina Allie, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Aneesa Moosa, Occupational Therapist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Debbie Omar , Speech therapist and Audiologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Ms Mingha Petersen , Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Aneesah Khan, Podiatrist (Eastern Cape)
¨ Mr Ghaulid Titus, Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Fadia Edries, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Ni’mat Panday , Radiographer (Eastern Cape)
¨ Mr Rameez Chicktay, Medical Student, Stellenbosch University (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Haseena Sonday , Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Zaakira Ganie, Speech Therapist and Audiologist (KwaZulu-Natal)

Mrs Feroza Hamida Kaldine , Psychologist Gauteng)
¨ Zaheda Essop Moga, Physiotherapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Byron Lucanas Pillay , Student physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Nabeelah Suliman, Occupational therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Hafiza Essack, Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Karen Soules, Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Moaaza Omarjee , Occupational therapist (North West)
¨ Ms Samihah Ebrahim, Physiotherapy student (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Tasneem Galvaan , Oral Hygienist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Gadeeja van der Schyff , Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Mr MAAHIR Behardien , Physiotherapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Ayesha Dollie, Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Ms Adeela Dinath, Occupational Therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Asiya Mayet, Speech Therapist & Audiologist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Tasneem Carrim , Speech Therapist And Audiologist (Limpopo)
¨ Mrs Nazeerah Chohan, Chief Diagnostic radiographer (Gauteng)
¨ Mr James Irlam, Senior lecturer , UCT Health Sciences (Western Cape)
¨ Mr Grant Strong, Clinical Psychologist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Tabassum Horzook , Radiation therapist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Farzaana Asmal, Diagnostic Radiographer (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mr Quinton Brookes, Medical Technologist (Western Cape)
¨ Mrs Zainab Patel, Optometrist (Gauteng)
¨ Mrs Farzana Fakir, Optometrist (Gauteng)
¨ Mr Mahmood hassan Hassan, Sonographer (North West)
¨ Faatima Adam, Bio kineticist (Gauteng)
¨ Ms Shaheda Moosa , Occupational Therapist (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Iram Osman , Psychologist (KwaZulu-Natal)
¨ Mrs Sumaya Charles Abrahams , Radiographer (Western Cape)
¨ Dr Aaqilah Bhamjee , PhD: Audiology (Mpumalanga)