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Gaza, the graveyard for children-A Poem

In this graveyard for children
a little girl sobs uncontrollably
as the thunder roars above the darkened skies
she thinks it’s another air-attack
from the occupiers

Not far from her
near unsettled rubble
that once was their home

a little boy gathers the raindrops
in the family bucket
to quench their thirst

The Israeli Occupying Forces
with its smart bombs
had just destroyed their water supplies

Today the occupier continues to block
food, water and electricity from reaching the incarcerated

This happened yesterday
and is happening today
and everyday… in the enclave
that has become the graveyard for children

The death machine is on autopilot
Destroying all in sight
It does not even wait for rigormortis to set in

and for the survivors – young and old,
there is thirst and hunger
and more trauma, depression and fear

Gaza is the graveyard for thousands of children
And the living hell for everyone else
Whilst the US and its friends look the other way

(8) AJ+ on X: “Terror at the sound of thunder. Fear of crossing the street. Children in Gaza are experiencing “trauma beyond their endurance.”” / X (

Hassen Lorgat
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