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Genocide in Gaza

The Media Review Network cannot believe the sheer insanity of the atrocities played out on the TV and mobile screens for nearly 5 months.

Israeli’s genocidal intent in Gaza is surely indisputable. What would possess soldiers, and their commanders in government, to unleash horrific terror on such a scale against a largely defenseless, starving people desperately seeking food?

There has been in Gaza 30,000 civilian deaths and more than a 100,000 injured. Over 70% are civilians, women and children. That is equivalent to 120,448 deaths in Israel; Ukraine 487, 915 deaths; in the USA 4,4 million killed ; and in China 18,5 million deliberately killed!

This slaughter by Israel’s Netanyahu rivals the crimes against humanity perpetrated,pro-rata, by some of the world’s worst dictators. The astronomical numbers butchered by China’s Mao, Russia’s Stalin; Germany’s Hitler and Belgian King Leopold in the Congo will never be forgotten……

Neither will Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu and his war cabinet, aided and abetted by the USA, Britain, Germany, France, other Western countries and their lackeys in the Arab world.

The Palestinian victims, and the overwhelming majority of justice-loving people throughout the world, will ultimately hold to account the Zionist regime and their accomplices, to account for their egregious crimes against humanity.

The Media Review Network supports the right of the indigenous Resistance factions in Gaza and the region to defend themselves using all available means against the settler colonial genocide.

Issued by:
Dr. Firoz Osman
Executive Member
Media Review Network
South Africa