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The Word Genocide Makes the US senator Queasy

“A Poem by Hassen Lorgat”

“The Word Genocide… Makes Me Queasy”
So, said Bernie Sanders just the other day

But the word Genocide
has come a long way

Did not Raphael Lemkin ask?
“Why was killing a million people
a less serious crime
than killing a single individual?”

In 1946, the world listened
And Lemkin smiled
All tyrants and dictators and pretend leaders of democracies
Were put on notice

From a mere two words
Greek genos (race, tribe)
and the Latin cide (killing)
the word was born

Today Genocide is the law of all lands

Some call it the G- word
but no one dared to say,
until the other day,
that the word makes them queasy

If the word makes you feel queasy
How do you feel
Or more importantly
What do you do
When you see genocide live on TV?

Please Senator
do not use the word QUEASY
Coz’ it’s a dog whistle to killers
That the US will, on them, GO EASY

What’s happening in Gaza
Is a Genocide
If you can’t call it
You’re a Liar
Liar Liar
Genocide Denier

Hassen Lorgat
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