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Jewish people are victims too.

Imagine growing up with parents who tell you that the whole world hates you and is against you.

That if you leave the house or seek friends outside of the family circle, the other people, who aren’t your family, will kill you, or at least abuse and slander you, just for being you.

This is the brainwashing so many Jews have been subjected to, especially in Israel.

There was a sinister collaboration between some Rabbis and some Jewish politicians to impose the state of Israel on the Jewish people, and those Jews who were not interested in investing their time and money into this state, were coerced into doing so, through the fomenting of precisely this sort of fear, as mentioned above.

The identity of victim-hood has been thoroughly woven into the story of the Jewish people, and this narrative has been imposed on the rest of humanity.

So when Zionists perpetuate apartheid and genocide on Palestinians, the Jews are told that this is necessary to keep them safe, and when the rest of the world complains, we are told that we are forgetting that Jews are the only real victims, because we all have a genetic predisposition to hating them.

Because of this, it is important to begin questioning the narratives that Israel has used to justify its colonisation of Palestine and its persecution of Palestinians and their allies.

We are told that six million Jews were gassed to death during the Holocaust. However Aushwitz reduced the number of murdered Jews from 4 million to 1.3 million, but the number of 6 million remains. How is this possible?

This is not to say that Jews were not victims of the Nazi regime, but there is far more to this history. However, in some counties we can’t even talk about it. Why?

We have to be aware that the Holocaust was capitalized on to enable large numbers of Jews to be funnelled into Palestine to create facts on the ground of a Jewish presence in the land.

Then, to perpetuate the victim-hood narrative, and to hold the Jews hostage to the Zionist agenda, animosity was sown by the Zionists between Arab Jews and their Christian and Muslim Arab neighbours, with whom they had lived for centuries.

Professor Avi Shlaim makes it clear that the Zionist leaders refused the initiatives of Arab Jews to negotiate peace with the Arab nations neighbouring Israel.


So that they Jewish people would be raised in a state of never ending fear, where they are fed lies that the Arabs refused to make peace with them, and that the Arabs, like all of humanity, are genetically predisposed to hating the Jews.

And so, nothing is too much, in protecting the Jewish people. Genocide, terrorism, defying International Law, nothing is too much to protect the Jews from this cruel world, that is pervaded by the Spirit of Amalek.

We heard Netanyahu say: remember what Amalek did to you.

Well, who was Amalek?

He was a hostile king, who used to persecute the Israelites while they were making their Exodus from Egypt to the Holy Land.
He was the worst of victimisers, because he preyed on the weak and the stragglers.

Because of this, Israel has vowed that Jews will never be weak again. Jews will be kept in the protective fold of Zionism. Jews who question this are targeted as traitors who are endangering the whole of world Jewry.

But one thing we didn’t hear Netanyahu say, but which the majority of Jewish Zionsits did hear him say, is that the Palestinians are possessed by the Spirit of Amalek.

This means that they are a threat just like the Amalekites were, and have to be dealt with similarly. Meaning: kill men, women, children, the elderly, the animals, and indeed erase all vestiges of their existence.

With the Amalekites, God had demanded their eradication. With the Palestinians today, it is the Rabbis who decree that the Spirit of Amalek lives in the Palestinians, just as it lived in the German people, and so the genocide of the Palestinians has become, for the State of Israel, an existential imperative.

The South African Jewish Board of Deputies and the South African Zionist Federation perpetuate this victim-hood identity of the Jews, and any Jews who oppose this narrative are called self-hating Jews. By leaving the protective fold of the Board and the Federation, they are leaving themselves vulnerable to the inevitable violent hate of the non-Zionist non-Jews that surround them.

To seek justice for the Palestinians is to seek the annihilation of Israel, the Board and Federation will tell you, and Israel is the only safe haven of the Jewish people in Jew-hating world.

It is important to question the narratives that Israel tells itself, it’s people and the world. These narratives create the bubble of fear that makes 83% of Israelis believe that the only option they have to be safe, is the wiping out of the Palestinians.

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