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Do Islamphobic Zionists have a free reign and a licence to kill and spew hate speech and does Islamophobia still dominate the media space in South Africa?


The blood of a woman, oozes out of her body. Drip by drip, the blood soaks the floor. She struggles to breathe and finally dies like the tens of thousands of her Muslim sisters in Gaza. Like her, they were killed by Islamophobic Zionist Jews. This is Glenwood in Durban where the blood of an innocent Muslim woman is spilled by a hate filled Zionist Jew. Not only was an innocent Muslim woman killed, her husband and teenage son were also ruthlessly stabbed by the Zionist and are battling to survive in hospital. Why were they attacked? Apparently because they were Muslims who stood in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom and opposed Israel’s genocidal war against the people of Gaza. Most South African’s stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine, does this mean that most South Africans are now at risk of being attacked by Zionists in South Africa?

The South African authorities have approached these Zionist barbarians with kid gloves. Take for instance the Zionists who are dual citizens of Israel and South Africa and who travel from South Africa to join the genocidal army of baby killers in the IDF. They have been going at liberty, killing as many Muslims in Palestine as their rage determines and returning to South Africa without a care. Not one of these barbarians have been arrested or brought to justice in South Africa?  Why? What’s going on with the National Prosecuting Authority? It has the mandate and jurisdiction to arrest and charge these criminals. These thugs are in contravention of the foreign military assistance act.  Some of these degenerates even brag about their genocidal conduct on social media. One such hate filled Zionist proudly boasted on his return to South Africa “We broke Gaza” on his Facebook account. The thugs are actually celebrating their role in the Genocide in Gaza.

Not only are South African Zionists actively participating in the genocidal war, they are also freely spewing out Islamophobia and hate speech without facing any consequences. Just at the onset of the Israeli invasion and genocide in Gaza, local Zionist Saar ben Hammoo of Falafel Fundi metamorphosed into babyblood fundi as he croaked with his islamophobic vitriolic and vampiric hatred ‘We will drink the blood of your babies in Gaza”.  This was reported in the Sunday times and apparently the SAHRC was aware of it.  If this is not violent Islamphobic hate speech, what is? But the authorities seem cool with Islampohobia? The degenerate babyblood fundi has not been brought to justice. He has not even been charged?  Why are the authorities giving Zionist Islamophobes the green light to spew hate speech? What’s going on with the South African Human Rights commission? They spent millions in support of Zionist organisations going after a working class leader and trade unionist Bongani Masuku on charges of anti-Semitism but when wealthy Zionist businessman spew out Islamophobic hatred, like Ben Hamoo they are left alone and not pursued? Do more Muslims have to die as a result of Zionist Islamophobia before any action is taken?

There is already a perception that Zionist are above the law? This Zionist degenerate who stabbed to death an innocent women has not even seen the inside of a police cell.  He was seemingly given the opportunity to change his killer dirty clothes which has the blood of the dead Muslim woman on it and put on set of new clean clothes to walk around in. After his frenzied Zionist stabbing spree which satisfied his Islamophobic bloodlust, he is then taken to chill out in hospital, walking around in shorts and a t shirt. Is it because of his wealth that he is not subjected to the procedures of arrest and detention that all other working class detainees are subjected to? The public is now told that the killer is being examined to determine the status of his mental health even though prior to his ruthless killing of a Muslim women, he seemingly did not have a mental health issue that required hospitalisation or any such emergency treatment. The public is therefore now questioning whether the killer is feigning a mental health problem to extricate himself from his murderous conduct and thereby present a defence that will exonerate him. In a video in the aftermath of the bloody killing, the killer Grayston Beare lucidly and coherently rationalizes the killing of the innocent woman which has made the public sceptical about his sudden claim of mental illness.

What about the Palestine solidarity activists? With all of their screaming and ranting on social media, why were they slow to arrive at the scene of the brutal Zionist attack? Why was no force used to defend the innocent solidarity activists and resist the killer Zionist? Why is it that they are not taking issue of with Zionist Islamophobes who spew out hate speech calling for the killing of innocent Muslims? Why are they so seemingly tolerant to Zionist Islamophobia? How do they share the same prayer platform with Zionists who are cheerleaders of the Genocide in Gaza, taking love letters from South Africa to hand over to the genocidal soldiers in Israel? Why has there been no boycott of corporate giants like Dischem when its former chief openly expressed his Islamophobic hatred for Palestinians and Muslims?

And the South African mainstream media?  Why do they keep on perpetuating the stereotype of the Muslim terrorist? Why has not a single media outlet described this killing of an innocent Muslim women as a terrorist attack? In the same way that Muslims and the people of Gaza are not considered innocent even though all the evidence demonstrates that the majority of the thirty six thousand Palestinians deliberately killed by Israeli Zionist Jews are innocent civilians? Is it the case that the local media is parroting the Western Media where Muslims are considered lesser human beings? That a Muslim can never be innocent.  If this is not so then how come you can’t call out a crime for what it is? How is it that the mainstream media even in a Post -Apartheid era is so Islamophobic? An innocent Muslim women is at home, not harming anyone and then a hate filled Zionist Jew unlawfully breaks into her house and stabs her to death?  The media refused to describe the attack as terrorist to begin with. This crime was never described as Zionist Jewish Terrorism but if a Muslim had to break into a house in Killarney and kill a Jewish person in the same manner, the media reports would undoubtedly have describe the attack as an anti-Semitic Islamist terrorist attack. This is the open duplicity of the media. It has never and will never refer to Israeli Zionist Jews as terrorist and it has always and will always refer to Palestinian Muslims as terrorists. So long as this Islamophobia is perpetuated in the mainstream media, it will contribute to the harming and killing of Muslims.


Iqbal Suleman