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Global humanitarian groups break Isaraeli imposed seige on Gaza

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When Ordinary People Do Justice, Leaders Will Follow

By Nabeweya Malick

(source: Media Desk, Muslim Judicial Council)

International humanitarian groups led by Interpal, successfully delivered 47 vehicles loaded with food, aid and medicines on the 9th August 2010 to the suffering people of Gaza.  The people of Gaza welcomed the internationally contributed convoy with tears of gratitude and appreciation.  Amongst those who led the convoy was the South Africa represented Moulana Ihsaan Hendricks, Muslim Judicial Council and Al Quds Foundation’s President.

This has once again proved that the power of good will ultimately be victorious over the injustice of the oppressors of mankind, men who cowardly hide behind evil military machinery to oppress, starve and humiliate others in enclosed prison camps.     

Ever since a group of ordinary people from more than 40 different countries came together and set sail for Gaza we have seen various world leaders scramble to persuade Israel to lift the blockade on Gaza.  This scrambling in no way should be seen as coming from compassion for the suffering victims in Gaza, but rather their realization that when good ordinary people lead, it is time for them to follow.

It is this people power that brings joy to the heart, as we remember the spirit and strength of brave good men who rose in defense of justice in South Africa.

Today Palestine has the global support of ordinary people, a challenge for Israel propaganda machinery and their powerful army.  People from all walks of life, who through purity of heart and faith will relentlessly stand for justice against Israeli oppression.

This is proof that Palestine cannot be left in the hands of politicians; it is the ordinary people with love for humanity that will be the heroes.

The land convoys and the sea flotillas will continue until Gaza is free.

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South African humanitarian workers arrested in uganda suspected of so called terrorist activities

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By Tahir Sema

Foreign Affairs confirmed today that two South African men have been arrested in Uganda.

Spokesman Ronnie Mamoepa says "Consular services have managed to confirm the arrest of these two South Africans".

He says "At this stage, efforts are underway to visit them in prison to offer them consular services". Mamoepa says the circumstances of their arrests were not yet known.

However, Radio Islam reports that the men are Islamic cleric Mufti Hussain Bhayat, of Lenasia, and Haroon Saley, of Azaadville.

They were en route to Uganda from Kenya and were to have arrived at OR Tambo International airport on Wednesday morning.

Ugandan sources told the radio station the two were detained on Sunday at the Entebbe International Airport in Kampala, Uganda.

"A government source confirmed this saying that they were stopped by the Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force of Uganda".

"Ugandan defence and army spokesperson, Major Paddy Ankunda says the two are being held by the chieftaincy of military intelligence in Uganda.

"He says they are suspected of being allegedly involved in so-called terrorism activities and that is what’s being investigated."

Radio Islam said that, according to Ankunda, the two had not been tortured.

The Chairman of Media Review Network Iqbal Jassat has expressed deep concern about the detention of these two people who are well known for their humanitarian and relief work.

On behalf of MRN we would urge the South African government to immediately intervene in securing their release. We find it outrageous that Muslim relief workers are constantly harassed under this discredited war on terror.


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Palestine Solidarity Alliance




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Sunday 12 October 2008






Lenasia Cricket Stadium



Glass House








Ø   Hani Abu-Heikel: Palestinian Activist

  Ø   Mikael Menkin: Former IDF Officer

    who founded “Breaking the Silence!”

Ø   Pastor Gerrie Lubbe


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