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The struggle of an un people

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8. The Struggle of an Un-People : The People of Gaza Have Spoken and Persevered

 January 23 / 25, 2009
Watching and reading the Western mainstream media coverage of the war in Gaza as well as the Palestinian question is frequently a source of never-ending frustration.  One must continuously suppress one’s outrage at the deceptive and convoluted framing of what is essentially the struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom and independence, but which has become transmogrified into an inherent and almost genetic Arab / Muslim irrational hatred and violence towards Jews / Israel. 
In the mainstream, Zionist-inspired narrative, Israel’s “right to exist” precedes and supersedes all else and, in fact, does so uniquely in the world of nations, since under international law, no other nation has or demands such a right.  For Israel to have this right entails the obliteration (and not even acknowledgement) of a similar parallel right of the displaced population, the Palestinians, to also exist.  Therefore, any war that Israel starts – or in most Western media narratives, does not start — it is ipso facto defensive and justified.  Any questioning of this frame of reference is liable to be branded “anti-semitic”, thus conflating (and importantly from a propagandistic point of view, confusing) the actions of a state, which is first and foremost a political actor, with the belief system and religion of an entire group of people.

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Diversion “ a tactic of pro Isarael lobbyists

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Diversion – a tactic of pro-Israel lobbyists

 Iqbal Jassat  

 David Saks of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies [SAJBD] is finding it increasingly difficult to defend Israel. Having not only to contend with pro-Palestinian solidarity activism, which has become more pronounced and widespread in the country’s diverse groupings within civil society, Saks has to contain critical Jewish voices too.

 Never before has the SAJBD faced such sharp criticism of its blanket support for Israel as now and from within nogal.


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