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Modis communal agenda continus in gujarat

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Modi’s communal agenda continus in Gujarat

   By Abdul Hafiz Lakhani-Ahmedabad

Expressing concern over this increasing polarization, a recent report by a high level committee from the Indian Prime Minister’s office, to be tabled in the Indian Parliament in October, states that Gujarat still hasn’t recuperated from the riots in which over 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, were killed. The committee noted that several Gujarati cities and towns are sharply divided into Hindu and Muslim ghettoes. Muslims, a minority in the state, face social and economic boycott from society at large. The committee also observed that dropout rates of Muslim girls have risen. And there’s a dismal representation of Muslims in public-sector jobs.

"There’s a state of fear and insecurity among Muslims," says a member of the committee. "The state government has done little to end the state of alienation."

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Japan mass protest againstUSbase on okinawa

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By John Chan

(source: World Socialist Website)

A rally of 90,000 people in Japanese prefecture of Okinawa on Sunday, protesting against the continued presence of a US Marine air base at Futenma, has heightened the political crisis facing the seven-month-old Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) government over the issue.

Having pledged during last year’s election campaign to remove the base, Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has failed to reach a deal with the US. The Obama administration is insisting that the DPJ abide by an agreement reached with the previous Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) government to shift the base, in modified form, to the less populated Henoko Bay, while transferring 7,000 marines to Guam.

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