Psa huwaida arraf

Palestine Solidarity Alliance Hosts:Huwaida Arraf-Free Gaza Movement Wed,7-10-09Protea Recreation Centre,Lenasia7:30pm

Cii al aqsa day

Channel Islam International(cii) Presents:‘Defending Al-Aqsa Day’ Tune in From 7am – 11pmThurs,08/10/09 4pm – 5:30pm: The Gaza Docket

Goldstones Gaza report shows courage

By Max du Plessis (source: The Cape Times – S.A) There has been important and courageous work done by South African lawyers in response to Operation Cast Lead and the violations committed by Israel and Hamas. Three individuals stand out: Navi Pillay, John Dugard...

South Africas legal war over Gaza

South Africans ‘fought in Gaza war’ Efforts to prosecute those who may have committed war crimes in Israel’s war on Gaza have spread beyond the Middle East. A lawyer in South Africa has identified 75 South African nationals who he says were fighting...

The dark face of jewish nationalism

9/11 – The US Military Knows Israel Did It By Dr Alan Sabrosky (source: Information Clearing House) “Redress” – -Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu once remarked to a Likud gathering that “Israel is not like other countries”....