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Ihrc alert

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US – Campaigners are requested to write letters of support to Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman Islamic Human Rights Commission Contents:… Read More »Ihrc alert

Will Gaza killers be tried?

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Will Gaza killers be tried?

Ramzy Baroud | Arab News
Any variation on the words “Palestine” and “massacre” is sure to yield millions of results on major search engines on the World Wide Web. The results are largely in reference to hundreds of different dates and36in which numerous Palestinians were killed by the Israeli Army or settlers (occupiers). But references to massacres of similar nature precede the state of Israel itself, whose establishment was carried out through the ever-expanding agenda of ethnically cleansing Palestinians. Throughout its history, this bloodletting project has been carried out for one specific purpose — the illegal acquisition of land and the suppression or extermination of those who dared to resist.

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Gaza and the language of power

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Gaza and the Language of Power
By Ramzy Baroud

Nearly six months have passed since the Israeli army ceased pounding the tiny stretch of land that is the Gaza Strip. Since then, Gaza continues to appear on the news once in a while, as a recurring subject of human misery.

The tireless efforts of British MP George Galloway, and the courageous endeavors of the Free Gaza movement have managed to push Gaza back into the spotlight, even if momentarily and with political context which is lacking at best.

Aside from that, the three-week Israeli onslaught in Gaza, starting December 27 – and the catastrophic conditions endured there – have served the purpose of a footnote in many news reports. The event is generally cited as such: "Israel moved against Hamas in Gaza to quell the firing of militants’ rockets, resulting in the death of such and such number." Hamas, according to media conventional wisdom, is the "militant group that ousted Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ forces in a bloody coup in mid 2007."

Sadly, ones worse fears have actualized, where the post-Gaza massacre world and the one which existed prior are exactly the same. Israel is trying to prove that political and military might overpower all human rights reports combined, and that public opinion – which turned against Israel as it wantonly killed and wounded thousands – will eventually turn back in Israel’s favor. One does not need to be an expert in the art of propaganda to predict the public relations model that would allow Israel to deceive millions into believing that the belligerent state is in fact a victim in a sea of hostile Arabs hell-bent on subjugating the Jewish State. Thus it was hardly a deviation from the script when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used a most shrewd term to depict his governments’ refusal to respect international law regarding the dismantling of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, all considered illegal under international law, specifically the Fourth Geneva Convention. He said during his recent trip to Germany that the West Bank will never be "Judenrein" a Nazi term meaning "cleansed of Jews".

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