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Our own holy war

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By Robert Koehler

(source: The Wisdom

It took the U.S. secretary of defense, for Gods sake, to get a Florida preacher to cancel his plans for pyrotechnic sacrilege on Sept. 11. A few days later, CNN asked some of its blog contributors to reflect on the incident . . . "now that the crisis is over."

Were neck deep in two wars (excuse me, one and a half) and an imploding economy, not to mention global warming, endemic violence and hurricane season, but Terry Jones creepy publicity stunt has the status of a national crisis: Americas close call! We came this close to offending Muslims!

Oh, we are a sensitive nation.

And Jones was, indeed, dabbling at the margins of holy war, which media coverage managed to turn into a global phenomenon. "he ignited an international conflagration of outrage," as CNN put it, though he didnt do it by himself. Read More »Our own holy war