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Pakistani found guilty ofUSattack

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(source: Al-Jazeera)

A US-educated Pakistani woman who was arrested in Afghanistan and accused of shooting at her US interrogators, has been found guilty of attempted murder by a court in the US.

Aafia Siddiqui was found guilty by a New York court on Wednesday after a 12-member jury reached a unanimous verdict, but said the crime was not premeditated.Siddiqui showed no emotion as the jury pronounced its verdict – reached after two days of deliberations – but shouted out as the jury members were leaving the court.

"This is a verdict coming from Israel, not America. Your anger should be directed where it belongs. I can testify to this and I have proof," Siddiqui said.

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Ten big media lies about Isarael

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(source: Press TV)

Michel Collon, a Belgian journalist and author, in his book "Israel, let’s talk about it," has slammed European media over decades of "lying" to people in order to support Israel.

Collon, in his book, has recounted "10 big lies" spread by Western media in order to "justify the existence and actions of Israel", which are concisely presented below:

1. The first lie is that Israel was established in reaction to the massacre of Jews during the World War II.
This notion is completely wrong. Israel is in fact a domineering project which was approved in the First Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897, when nationalist Jews decided to occupy Palestine.

2. The second justification for establishing and legitimizing Israel is that the Jews are returning to their forefathers’ land, from where they had been driven away in 70 A.D. This is a tale. I have spoken to the famous Israeli historian Shlomo Sand and other historians and they all believe that there has been no "exodus," so "return" is meaningless. The people living in Palestine have not left their land in the ancient era.

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