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Its not easy being racist

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By Mazin Qumsiyeh

(source: Ma’an News Agency)


Berlanty Azzam, the Bethlehem University
student who was detained,blindfolded and
deported to Gaza overnight Wednesday

It is not easy to remain a racist oppressor and it is getting harder to keep deflecting the critics by asking them to focus on nonexistent threats (like Iran).

The Human Rights Council accuses Israel of war crimes in Gaza and the Israeli government panics and deals with it as a public relations challenge. Israeli human rights groups challenge Israeli home demolitions in Jerusalem and a UN expert panel names Israel as profiting from Ivory Coast blood diamonds.

Heads are buried in the sand. Israeli leaders are either foregoing trips (to Europe where they may be arrested for war crimes) or going to speak and heckled and challenged by human rights activists (e.g. Olmert’s tour of the US).

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