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Pr relieve at impending return of uganda two

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29 August 2008

Press Release

Relieve at Impending Return of Uganda Two

The Media Review Network (MRN) is relieved at the news of the impending return of Mufti Hussain Bhayat and Haroon Saley after the unjustified incarceration in Uganda for the pass 12 days.

The lack of charges vindicates MRN’s view that the baseless and fabricated accusation of ‘terrorism’ was probably motivated by the US-Israeli agents and their lackeys to harass Muslim Organisations from assisting and alleviating the suffering of the poor and the needy throughout the world.

The MRN expresses its profound gratitude to the South African Government, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Intelligence and the media and all those that rallied to the cause to bring these innocent victims home.

It is, however, imperative that Muslim leaders workshop with Government to circumvent these incidences from happening again. The silence of many Relief NGOs as well as the delayed response from Muslim leaders in prominent organisations is most disturbing.

It is time for the Muslim leadership to brainstorm and develop a concrete response, together with Government if as it is almost certain for Muslims to be targeted again.

Issued by:
Dr. Firoz Osman
Media Review Network
082 337 6976

(Media Review Network is an advocacy group based in Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa)


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Press release

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MRN Demands Immediate Release of Na’eem Jeenah

The Media Review Network deplores the arrest of well known South African analyst Mr Na’eem Jeenah by Israeli authorities.

We are outraged by the heavy handed conduct of the Netanyahu regime’s security whereby access to Jeenah by South Africa’s ambassador has been denied.

While we find the cowboy-style behaviour of Israel to be consistent with its apartheid character, we condemn it nevertheless and demand his immediate release.

We support the call made by AMEC (see text of statement here-under) to launch an international campaign in order to secure his release. We find it unacceptable that neither his whereabouts nor the reason for his unlawful detention has been made known.

We also call on the SA government to publicly renounce the Israeli regime’s disgraceful violation of Jeenah’s human rights and take all necessary steps to ensure that he is released unconditionally.

Issued By:

Iqbal Jassat – Chairman, Media Review Network

Cell: 083 594 3749


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The plunder of Iraqs oil

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By James Cogan

(source: World Socialist Website)

The awarding of development rights over the huge West Qurna oilfield in southern Iraq to Exxon-Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell last Thursday once again underscores the criminal character of the continuing US-led occupation. As the direct result of the Iraq war, major American and other transnational energy conglomerates are now gaining control over some the largest oilfields in the world.

West Qurna has proven reserves of 8.7 billion barrels of oil. Iraq’s total reserves are currently put at 115 billion barrels, though dozens of potential fields have not been explored adequately. Before the US invasion in 2003, rights over West Qurna had been awarded by the Baathist regime of Saddam Hussein to the Russian oil firm, Lukoil. The pro-US puppet regime in Baghdad has torn up all pre-war contracts.

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