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The ethnic cleansing of Palestine

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"The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" :: Book Review ::

by Iqbal Jassat

"Pappe’s scholarly treatise is equally compelling on two profoundly significant levels, which he refers to as manifestations of denial. The first, he says, was the denial exercised by peace brokers as they consistently sidelined, if not altogether eliminated, the Palestinian cause and concerns from any future peace arrangement. The second was the categorical refusal of the Israelis to acknowledge the Nakba and their absolute unwillingness to be held accountable, legally and morally, for the ethnic cleansing they committed in 1948."

The International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms [IALANA] describe “whistleblowers” as those who stir up public attention to legally or ethically dubious practices of the powerful, practices that might inflict harm on the community of citizens or the general public.


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An idf jihad?

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 An IDF Jihad? Religious Extremists Rising Through the Ranks

    February 4, 2009
Extremist rabbis and their followers, bent on waging holy war against the Palestinians, are taking over the Israeli army by stealth, according to critics.
In a process one military historian has termed the rapid “theologisation” of the Israeli army, there are now entire units of religious combat soldiers, many of them based in West Bank settlements. They answer to hardline rabbis who call for the establishment of a Greater Israel that includes the occupied Palestinian territories.
Their influence in shaping the army’s goals and methods is starting to be felt, say observers, as more and more graduates from officer courses are also drawn from Israel’s religious extremist population.

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Book review

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“JINNAH: India, Partition, Independence”
 Author: Jaswant Singh


By Iqbal Jassat – Chairman: Media Review Network

Completely unaware that the book I had purchased from a street vendor in the Kolaba suburb of Mumbai would be the subject of a huge controversy in India, I was taken aback at the ferocity of attacks against its author Jaswant Singh, as the debate on Pakistan’s founder, Mohammed Ali Jinnah took the country by storm the next day.

Newspapers ranging from the “Times of India” to the “Hindustan Times” and a whole host of television channels devoted extensive space and time to the ensuing debacle surrounding the author’s views on the partition of India. With calls for the banning of the book and demands that Singh be dismissed from his post as Chairman of the Lok Sabha’s Public Accounts Committee, the howls of outrage increased in intensity each passing day.

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History of jewish opposition to zionism

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7. The Long–and Largely Untold–History Of Jewish Opposition to Zionism

by Allan C. Brownfeld

  Tuesday, January 20, 2009   
"No one who reads Yakov Rabkin’s thoroughly researched book will ever again believe that Zionism and Judaism are the same, or that Zionism enjoys the level of support among Jews in the United States and elsewhere in the world which it claims."

While many in Israel and in Jewish communities here and in other countries now promote the idea that Zionism and Judaism are, in effect, the same, and that opposition to Zionism constitutes “anti-Semitism,” the historical–largely untold–fact is that, for most of its history, Zionism has been a decidedly minority movement among Jews throughout the world. 

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