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Declare Isarael a terrorist state

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By Shobhan Saxena

(source: Times of India)

A new video released by the Israeli government shows one of soldiers who took part in yesterday’s bloody attack on the Gaza Freedom flotilla, killing 10 people.  In this propaganda clip, the soldier justifies the attack, claiming they were attacked first. “It was a lynch,” says the soldier. “Every guy that came down the ropes was taken aside, and everyone there had metal rods, knives, slingshots, glass bottles.” Since the Israelis can only be victims, and never aggressors, the soldier tries to justify the cold-blooded murder of people armed with “rods, slingshots and bottles.”
Enough is enough. It’s time to declare Israel a terrorist state. That’s what is it. It reacts to slingshots with machine guns. It allows its tanks to fire at stone-throwing kids. It has no qualms about firing rockets on Palestinian hospitals and residential areas, all this in the name of fighting the terror tactics of Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip. It’s difficult to defend the activities Hamas, but we can’t forget the fact that it was constant humiliation of PLO and leaders like Yasser Arafat by Israel that gave birth to groups like Hamas.

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