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Zionism – Israeli Aggression

United against peace

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Only by vigorously subduing the US and Israel to the authority of the world community will it be possible to end the intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict

By William Cook

(source: Al Ahram Weekly Online)

A confluence of news stories emerged this past week that, if related, shed unusual light on the deteriorating crisis in the Middle East, most especially on Palestine and Iran. On 27 June, Haaretz made this observation about discussions at the G8 meeting in Ontario: "World leaders ‘believe absolutely’ that Israel may decide to take military action against Iran to prevent the latter from acquiring nuclear weapons," citing a statement made by Italy’s prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

Indeed, Berlusconi continued that, "Israel will probably act pre-emptively." So engaged were the representatives of the G8 that they issued a statement "calling on Iran to ‘respect the rule of law’ and to ‘hold a transparent dialogue’ over its nuclear ambitions." Their statement went on to say that Iran should show a "commitment to international law".

On 7 July, Newsmax, in an article entitled "Lieberman: US Prepared to Strike Iran to Stop Nuclear Weapons" states: "The United States may be forced to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities if diplomatic efforts and economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic fail, Senator Joseph Lieberman said Wednesday after a meeting with Israeli officials in Jerusalem."

On 11 July, Ali Asghar Soltaniyeh told Press TV that "over 100 countries in the general conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] have condemned Israel for not cooperating with the IAEA. The Zionist regime has refused to sign the [Nuclear] Non-Proliferation Treaty and it is believed that the regime has about 200 nuclear warheads capable of being mounted on long-range missiles and a stockpile of chemical and biological weapons."

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Demascas international declaration right to return

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DAMASCUS, (SANA)-Participants in the International-Arab Forum on the Right to Return Monday underlined that the Palestinian right to return home comes in the core and essence of the Palestinian issue and a firm right to all Palestinian refugees.

"The right to return home is a natural and legitimate, single and collective right guaranteed by religions, conventions and international laws… it’s a firm and absolute right that no one or side has the right to abandon it," Damascus International Declaration on the right to return announced in a final statement, concluding two-day meetings.

The declaration showed support to the Palestinian people in their permanent assertion on commitment to their land, civilized heritage, Arab and Islamic identity and adherence to unity.


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Statement of he father miguel dâ´escoto

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24 NOVEMBER 2008

Mr. Chairman,
Mr. Secretary-General,
Brothers and Sisters,

1. It is with mixed emotions that I join you today to observe the
International Day of
Solidarity with the Palestinian People at this event organized by the
Committee on the
Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People. As you know,
Solidarity is a
concept that is central to my work as the Assembly President. I want to
thank the Committee
for its dedicated efforts to rally our solidarity with the Palestinian
people, pursuing the
mandate entrusted to it by the General Assembly.

2. Today we recall that, 61 years ago this month, the General Assembly
adopted the historic
resolution 181, calling for the creation of a Jewish State and an Arab
State. The State of
Israel, founded a year later in 1948, now celebrates 60 years of its
existence. Shamefully,
there is still no Palestinian State to celebrate.


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Mumbai attacks following the western paradigm will entangle India

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By Firoz Osman

   As fear turns to anger in the aftermath of the ghastly Mumbai attacks which resulted in nearly 200 deaths and 300 injured, the Indian governments focus now must be to avert a repetition of these atrocities in the future.

Intelligence agencies from the USA (CIA/FBI), Israel (Mossad), and the Britain (MI5/6), and Interpol, have raced to India offering RAW (India’s Research and Analysis Wing), their experience and advice. Yet, in their haste to do so they can offer India very little apart from hiding their own ineffectiveness. Much of their collective failure is the result of ignoring the legitimate cries of pain emanating from victims of the unjust policies of their respective governments. Since none of these groups can claim any definitive success in countering what they claim to be “Islamic terror networks”, it is left to be seen whether policy changes by Manmohan Singh’s government will provide any relief.


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