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Breaking Gaza siege convoy files lawsuits to enter sinai

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The executive committee of "Breaking Gaza Siege" convoy said that they are going to file lawsuits against the persons responsible for their prevention from crossing Sinai and reaching Rafah gateway.

Representatives of the committee said in the press conference -which was held at the entrance of Al Ismailyya city on Wednesday Ramadan (September) 10 at night- that they are going to file lawsuits against Minister of Interior and Governors of Al Ismailyya and North Sinai, to enable them to move freely inside Egypt reaching its eastern border.

The MPs participating in the delegation of the convoy said that they are going to make a parliamentary accountability for the responsible of preventing the delegation, about   breaching law and Constitution, which ensure the right of Egyptians to move freely within their territories.

Preventing peaceful Egyptians, who do not have but relief materials for their brothers and sisters in Gaza, shows that the Egyptian government is participating in the provisions of the imposed siege on Gaza, the MPs said.

(IkhwanWeb – Egypt)