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Children banned from travel for treatment

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One third of those banned from travel for treatment are children

The popular committee against the siege stated Monday that 31 percent of Gaza patients whose travel for medical treatment abroad was not approved by the IOA for flimsy security pretexts are children under age 15.

In a press conference, Rami Abdo, the spokesman for the committee, said that this percentage does not include hundreds of patients who did not apply for medical treatment outside Gaza because they already know that Israel would reject their requests.

Abdo cited the suffering of a two-year-old Palestinian girl called Farah Al-Sawwaf who has a tumor in her right kidney and her application for treatment abroad was not approved yet by the IOA.

The spokesman also pointed to the suffering of another two-year-old child called Mohamed Bulbul who had the same serious disease of Farah, but he now urgently needs to receive radiotherapy within 10 days after he underwent surgery days ago or else he will die.

The health ministry in Gaza strongly denounced Monday the silence of Arab and Islamic countries towards the culture of death and murder exercised by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people, warning that there are hundreds of patients in Gaza who are threatened with death because of the Israeli siege.

In a statement received by the PIC, the ministry stated that in less than 24 hours, the number of Israeli siege victims rose to 165 after two Palestinian twin infants Fayza and Sujoud Al-Fara joined the death list.

** Source: Palestine-Info Centre