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Resistance will not abide by the truce as long as Isarael rejects it

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Mishaal: Resistance will not abide by the truce as long as Israel rejects it

Khaled Mishaal, the head of the Hamas political bureau, stated that the Palestinian resistance factions would not abide by the truce as long as the Israeli occupation rejects the Egyptian initiative and lays down conditions for implementing it.

“Hamas responded to the Egyptian efforts and crystallized a unified Palestinian position that mainly displayed that the Palestinians are ready for the calm with occupation provided that it lifts the siege and stops the aggression,” Mishaal underlined, adding that the Israeli reply was negative and ignored the Palestinian demands.

In an interview with Al-Alam satellite channel, the Hamas leader also highlighted that the Palestinian resistance accepted to discuss the calm issue in the first place out of strength without any trust in the Israeli position, adding that the resistance would continue until Israel responds to the Palestinian conditions on the truce and stops its aggression on the Palestinian people.

He pointed out that the truce idea emerged after the failure of the Israeli invasion of Gaza, where the American administration started to talk then about the calm with the Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza.

Regarding the Israeli threats of waging a large-scale aggression against Gaza, Mishaal stressed that the Palestinian resistance factions takes such threats seriously and are fully ready with all faith and courage to confront the Israeli assaults, adding that Israel will make a big mistake if it committed any folly in the Strip

* Source: Palestine-Info Centre