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EID-UL-FITR MESSAGE-1441 (A.H) (2020)

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Our Eid-ul-Fitr message for 1441 (2020) cannot be very different from our 2019 message. As we approach the end of this momentous month of the Islamic calendar we remind ourselves that we were engaged in the remembrance of our Creator and at the same time we were involved in spiritual introspection, correction and developing Allah Consciousness. May this become our norm.

We also remind ourselves that this day should mark not only a day of festivity among families and friends, but also a day of solidarity with the oppressed and support for all who are suffering under the yoke of oppression the world over.

This year’s (2020/1441) Eid-ul-Fitr, should be remembered by focusing on the sufferings of our brothers and sisters in the world who live under oppressive and unjust rulers. In addition to the usual evil governments, we must include India. Jammu and Kashmir have been completely taken over by the Fascist Indian Government. The Kashmiris have been subjected to untold misery with murders, detentions, extra-judiciary killings, rapes, torture and maiming of children the order of the day. The silence of the west, Zionists and Arab countries points to their complicity and approval of the actions of the Indian military.

The vast diversity in the Muslim world should not be used to disunite us. Our customs, languages and ethnicities illustrates this assortment. Faith, family and honour are our core values. We regard them as our greatest assets. Muslims must unite under the banner of the first article of our obligation to our Creator: “There is none worthy of worship but Allah and Muhammed (SAW) is the seal to all prophet hood”.

May Allah (SWA) protect all of mankind against all natural and unnatural calamities and disasters.

The Media Review Network wishes Muslims throughout the world, a Happy Eid-ul-Fitr and we pray that the Most Merciful Creator, Allah (SWT) pour out the blessing of this day upon all Muslims, especially on those suffering injustices and oppression throughout the world.

Executive and staff of the Media Review Network.