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Elections to be tabled at the dialogue table not before it

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Haneyya: Elections to be tabled at the dialogue table, not before it

Ismail Haneyya, the premier of the PA caretaker government in Gaza, has refused general elections as a pre-condition for having national dialogue.

He told Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar in an interview published on Sunday that the internal crisis could be overcome despite the difficulties surrounding it.

The premier said that any issue could be tabled at the dialogue table including holding general elections, and called for a conciliatory solution in which all parties would compromise.

Asked on the prisoners' exchange deal with Israel, Haneyya said that the issue was hinged on Israel and its response to the just conditions tabled by captors of its soldier Gilad Shalit. He underlined that the issue was totally different from that of calm.

Hamas is ready to confront any aggression on the Gaza Strip, which would not be an easy prey, he said, opining that the Israeli internal crises were hampering such an "adventure".

He also categorically denied press reports on the presence of Al-Qaida in Gaza, adding that it was only meant to incite the world against the Strip. * Source: Palestine Information Centre


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