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Free Gaza ii to set sail from yemen

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A boat from Yemen with a crew from around the Arab world will set sail in the wake of the Free Gaza ships and work to widen the cracks in Israel’s siege on Gaza.

Palestinian lawmaker Jamal Al-Khudari, who is also head of the Popular Campaign Against the Siege, announced on Sunday the voyage of a second ship, inspired by the success of the Free Gaza experiment.

Al-Khudari spoke with the Secretary General of the National Committee to Support Issues of Arab and Islamic Nations, Sa’id Abdel Mo’men An’am, earlier in the day. An’am said the crew will launch with the permission of the Yemini government and representatives from the popular committee against siege.

"Yemeni people all support the besieged Palestinian people in Gaza," An’am said, "and we seek to help break the blockade."

Al-Khudari applauded this step, saying the committee is ready and prepared to coordinate for the boat to cross easily and arrive to the beach of the Gaza Strip. He called this step an important move in continuing the momentum created by the first ship of activists. He applauded the Yeminis for heeding the calls of the popular committee to consider the holy month of Ramadan the "month to break the blockade," and encouraged other Arab nations to "put words into action" and follow the Yemini’s initiative.