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Help stop the lies of prof hussein solomon

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Dear Brother / Sister in Islam,

Prof. Hussein Solomon, Director of the Centre for International Political Studies (CiPS) at the University of Pretoria, has made it his personal and professional mission to sustain the misconception that Islam and Muslims are a threat to domestic and world peace. In the last four years, especially, Solomon has intensified his attack on local Muslims, labelling them ‘radical’, ‘racist’, and ‘militant’ both in the mainstream media and the Zionist press.

His most vicious assault to date came on 10 September 2007 when he addressed the 7th International Conference of the International Institute for Counter Terrorism in Herzliya, Israel. In a venomous presentation to a Zionist audience, Solomon claimed that Muslim organizations, mosques and the Muslim media were psychologically preparing local Muslims for terrorism; and that Muslim schools and madressahs were a breeding ground for terrorism. That Solomon’s speech focused specifically on Islamic institutions which are at the heart of Muslim life: the masjid, madressah, schools, and media – reflects his deep-seated Islamophobia. If left unchallenged, Solomon’s reckless statements will contribute to the unfair profiling and increased scrutiny of Islamic schools, charities and religious organizations in South Africa. This will help create a climate where all Muslims are feared and despised.

As a community, we cannot allow this. By remaining silent, we will allow Prof. Solomon to continue to denigrate organizations and institutions which are vital to the future of the South African ummah. In doing so, we are destroying the efforts of generations of Muslim men and women who have devoted much time, energy and resources to develop this country’s Islamic infrastructure.

It is therefore imperative that the management, administrators and members of all Muslim organizations, charities, media, madressahs, schools, masjids, and other types of Muslim organizations, view the attached information about Prof. Solomon’s activities and writings. Read the praise he receives from Zionists when defames Muslims, and how he passes off lies as academic research. You are advised to write to him, and challenge his statements about Islam and South African Muslims, in particular. We ignore Prof. Hussein Solomon at our own peril.


Yours in Islam

Media Review Network