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How long are we going to run from the truth?

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(source: Watching America)

The safety of Pakistan is only possible if we say goodbye to America and figure out what we have lost in the past seven or eight years.

Shahbaaz Shariff’s statement caused surprise and shock among Pakistanis. His statement that, just like the Taliban, we are also against American policies and we also dislike drone attacks as much as they do, is not untrue. Most Pakistanis would agree with this. The important point of issue is that our leaders need to stop being insincere, follow the path of truth and openly admit that the war against terrorism is not our own, but is in fact forced upon us by the one superpower threatening us.

No matter how bitter the truth is, it always wins in the end. America might have had Saddam Hussein killed, destroyed Iraq and left it, but after all these events, they could not hide the truth that the CIA had given a false report on Iraq to justify the attack. This fact should now be accepted at the national level; there is no relationship between America and us. The relationship everyone sees is only a forced and false relation, and it is our fault that we have allowed their battles to become our battle. We continue to side with American policies so we can receive dollars, which will eventually lead to national suicide. What kind of government and wisdom leaves the country to burn for a few dollars? The bomb blasts the Taliban or Indian agents are carrying out in these cities raises a question: Who has given them access to this path? Isn’t it our own governmental leaders’ lack of skills that gave India the means to send agents to bomb us whenever and however they want? Before 9/11, why did they not have the means for these attacks? Back then, there were intelligence agencies that knew of India’s every move, and before the ISA, the R.A. had no importance whatsoever. The R.A. was absolutely powerless in Pakistan and, after the CIA, the ISA was the best intelligence agency in the world. Now the ISA is so helpless that, even in its presence, terrorists are able to easily execute suicide bombings. The issue at point is that one dangerous international conspiracy, of which the R.A. is also a part, has planned to spread worry and terror throughout Pakistan and is doing so through all these lawful agents. The fundamental target is that the blame for all these36be placed on the Taliban, such that for every city, every village where a Pakistani dies, each man points his finger at the Taliban and his anger toward them increases such that the voice of Pakistan will be “kill them, destroy them.” If we believe that India and other countries are using the Taliban for suicide attacks in cities, and the Taliban really is strongly involved in this, then the question still stands: Who helped the Taliban reach this level of power? Is it not true that, before 9/11, the world was only aware of the Afghan Taliban and Talibanization in Pakistan had no existence? Can we refuse to accept the fact that if we had not come under America’s pressure to fight the war on terror, then even after the end of the Taliban regime our loving relationship with the Afghan and Pakistani tribal Pashtuns would still have existed, and we would not have the problems we are having today? If we had refused America, then at the most what would have happened? America and Europe would have imposed economic sanctions and, for a few years, Pakistan would not have the luxuries that we have now through the dollars we received during Musharraf’s rule. In fact, with these sanctions, we would probably have learned how to live with our heads held high. We would have become a strong country, and India and other countries would not have the strength to break us apart. The country would not be wealthy, but at least we would be able to honestly say that we did not color our hands with the blood of our fellow Muslim brothers. Where are we today? This question needs a lot of attention! For seven years, we have been fighting this war for America, and yet we are still standing in an arrested and binding line. Where did that Kerry-Lugar Bill money go? Where did all those so-called friends of Pakistan go? We are referred by America as the front-line state in this “non-NATO united against terrorism” war. The American president lectures and says our country’s name a dozen times. The world knows us as a nuclear power. However, our reality is that, even though we are an agricultural country, we still cannot produce enough wheat to feed the population. Our farmers are slouching because the cost of electricity and seeds exceeds the profits from producing wheat. Our industry is nothing. Here, electricity, petroleum and raw materials are at such dangerous prices and obstructed by investors. Hundreds of thousands of workers are unemployed. Thousands of stoves are sitting cold, and yet the leaders of our country do not know the state its people live in. The leaders only have one thing in mind and that is to not anger America; therefore, while keeping America happy, Pakistan has made many other enemies. These new enemies have killed our brothers, sisters and children, and colored our streets with their blood. We are told in suicide attacks, that the body parts of the dead are spread out everywhere, people are crying everywhere, sending insults toward whoever is responsible for this, and buried deep in sorrow. The leaders are comfortable while the nation lives without any comfort. Therefore, the people of this country do not care if these suicide bombers are the Taliban, Indian agents or anyone else; they only care about their own safety. The safety of Pakistan is only possible if we say goodbye to America and figure out what we have lost in the past seven or eight years. We need to tell America in clear cut words that we do not have any more patience to stand their assault. America and the Taliban or al-Qaida need to figure this out on their own. Furthermore, it is important that the nation’s needs and the leaders’ plans are united. Important politicians should also face the terrorists just like the country’s citizens do. How is it justice that the politicians can hide behind their powerful security, while the people are left to deal with the terrorists on their own? The contradictions between Shahbaaz Shariff’s policies and his speeches should be pointed out; otherwise, people will believe he has double standards. He keeps America happy and gives reassurance to America’s adversaries. The country is tired of picking up dead bodies, so it is necessary to not force any more extreme steps on them.