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Human rights violations are described as becoming increasingly gross and more serious in jerusal

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By Maisa Abu Ghazaleh – Palestine News Network

The city’s Center for Democracy and Human Rights, along with the monitoring group the National Coalition for the Defense of Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem, were part of a report issued under the name the Alahli Coalition regarding Israeli violations during the month of July.

The findings were not encouraging, with the Israeli authorities continuing to “commit more serious and gross violations of human rights which is inconsistent with the provisions of international law and the rules of international humanitarian law.”
The report, issued yesterday afternoon, is divided into chapters in which the first addresses the issues of home demolitions and attempts to seize property and evacuate homes, demolition, bulldozing, confiscation and settlements.

Chapter II addresses the issues of barriers, blockades, closures and raids, arrests and arbitrary detention, and abuse of the right to live. The report indicated that seven houses were demolished while 60 more notices were distributed.

A summary of the violations:

Settler gunmen broke into houses and land in Sheikh Jarrah, specifically that belonging to the Hijazi family. Israeli forces implemented three cases of “self-demolition” of Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem. A citizen of the city broke his shoulder during a demolition, while 13 more apartments in a building in Beit Hanina are threatened with destruction.

Israeli authorities prevented digging the foundations for new homes in East Jerusalem’s Shu'fat because of the proximity of the house to a new settlement. More land is being confiscated in Shu’fat for the Wall.

A cemetery is being overtaken while extremists’ incursions into Al Aqsa Mosque have become unprecedented in frequency. Soldiers prevented a number of Palestinian summer camps from letting their children into the Islamic holy site.Fateh official in charge of the Jerusalem file, Hatem Abdul Qader was arrested, along with the Imam of Al Aqsa Mosque, Ali Abbasi.

Israeli forces also stormed the Center for the Study of Jerusalem and arrested its director, Huda Imam. The Israelis are attempting to close the center. Several raids on homes and offices in Al Ram were followed by a campaign of arrests.During July in Jerusalem the occupying Israeli administration also arrested two Palestinians working in the media field, including a cameraman from the Reuters news agency.


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